12 ways that beer makes you feel


It’s been a long and overwhelming day of sightseeing, so when that icy cold tap beer is pulled by the bartender we can understand why you’re suddenly overcome with emotion.

Is it the excitement of being in a new city, the thrill of finding a great local pub or simply relief that the man behind the bar understood what you wanted? It’s probably all that and more, so to mentally prepare you for the experience here are twelve of ‘The Feels’ you can expect to be faced with on an Urban Adventures Beer Tour…

1. Excitement

You’re doing a beer tour, after all. And you’re probably somewhere pretty cool, like Amsterdam or Brooklyn, so there’s that too.

2. An expanding head

No, not from the beer, from the sheer amount of knowledge you’ll be drinking in. See what we did there?

Local pub on Philly On Tap Urban Adventures

Philly On Tap

3. A nodding head

But we only recommend this in Philadelphia 😉

4. Happiness

When you’re drinking local craft brews in a local pub or bar, how else are you supposed to feel?

5. Terror

Yes, terror. Because you know you aren’t going to be able to find these beers at home, and we think it’s perfectly acceptable to be terrified at that thought.

Urban Adventures Beer Makes History Better in Toronto

Beer Makes History Better in Toronto

6. Thankful

That you at least got to experience the goodness of the local craft beer scene for yourself. You’ll always have the memories. And the beer mats (seriously, grab some beer mats).

7. Hunger

Don’t worry – in most places we’ve anticipated the need for beer food, meaning you get Czech tapas in Prague, Costa Rican tapas in San Jose and nachos in Toronto (that’s the local form of tapas, trust us).

8. The shares

You’re going to want to share your beer prowess all over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We all know how well beer photographs…even after a few.

Urban Adventures Prague Beer and Czech Tapas Tour

Prague Beer and Czech Tapas Tour

9. Togetherness

Whether you know the other people on your beer tour or not, beer brings people together. It’s a fact.

10. An affinity for history

Because we all know that beer makes history better. Another fact.

11. Language bravado

Take this opportunity to pick up some new local slang words. Bonus points if they’re in another language. Extra bonus points if you start to speak exclusively in that other language.

12. Impressed

From local guides like Niki in Prague to Jason and Jason in Toronto and Philly, these guys are obsessed with beer, and it shows. And seriously, who knew San Jose, Costa Rica, even had a craft beer scene? (Hint: we did…and now you do too.)

Intrepid would like to raise our glasses to the Urban Adventures team. Not only are they now 100% part of the Intrepid family, but in 2014 alone over 70,000 travellers around the world will be enjoying their Best. Day. Ever. on these brilliant local day tours.

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You need to get to Sevilla, near the cathedral in a side street is the Bar of a 1,000 beers!!. We had many a happy hour there on our Andulician Adventure . 15 were on draught the rest in bottles with the strongest 16%. Beer is good, but i would also recommend Pool, we play pool on every trip and should be part of International Diplomacy. On our last big trip in Nepal in the Annapurna region, pool broke down any cultural or language barrier with the locals and our sherpas. Rob and I on our travels should be international peace keepers and Pool has been the common denominator, whether S America, Africa, Asia or N America, you have always got a friend in a Pool Hall/Brewery e.g Pike in Seattle.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your tip on the bar in Seville, sounds like fun, and your tip about playing Pool is perfect. What a great way to hang out with locals and break down barriers. Love it 🙂
Happy adventures,
Sue, Intrepid Express Editor


Fun article!
I so “get” Jess’ comments, and I love the ending tip!!


Age related Fear of a Bad Head
This may be a stage that many of you are too young to have got too (you lucky things!) but the minute you pass 41 the love of beer gets entangled with the fear of the head and from then on there is a delicate balance between getting stuck in/laughing wonderfully loudly etc and remembering never to add that dangerous shot however tempting it may look and being sure to get home before 3am. You may think I have moved slightly away from the beer here, but those with the love of beer know full well that it doesn’t always stop there.
My tip – Master the art of maintaining the 2 pint buzz.

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