Cigar smoke thickens the air, the hit of a home-run cracks through the street, 50s Fords chug down cobbled laneways and dapperly dressed looking old fellas – many who’ve actually lived through a revolution – wile away the hours chatting on park benches. It usually takes a few days of strolling through Cuba before you lose the expectation that somebody’s suddenly going to call out: ‘Cut. Let’s take two’, but this here is real life you’re witnessing. (At least for the moment), the world’s most faithful adherent to Marx’s vision is totally unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before – and, unless someone one day succeeds in making a time machine – ever likely to get to. All that may be set to change with Obama’s loosening of the travel embargo, but for the moment this balmy Caribbean island exists as a delightfully unjaded tourist experience. Rhythm along to the rhumba, be immersed in a history you can feel, bask on tropical beaches and soak up the sounds and sights of one true geopolitical outlier. 

Top reviews on Cuba holidays

This little island’s big personality gives it a movie set vibe, but our Cuba holiday reviews are far from fiction. Enthralling history and seductive scenery, all set to a Caribbean rhythm, gives Cuba a unique appeal, but don’t just take our word for it; browse Cuba holiday reviews from Intrepid travellers and let this vibrant nation draw you in.

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