This offer applies to residents of UK & Ireland only

1. To receive the discount of 20% you must quote promotional code 10716 at time of booking

2. The offer applies to bookings made between Monday 16th September and Monday 30th September 2013

3. The discount can be applied to new bookings only. Under no circumstances will this discount be applied to existing bookings.

4. Travel is valid for selected trips departing between 16 September - 31 December 2013.

5. A deposit of GBP150 / EUR200 is required at the time of booking.

6. Full payment is required at time of booking if the travel date is within 56 days.

7. There will be no extensions to the travel or booking periods listed above

8. The offer is subject to availability of departures within the sale period.

9. Please refer to the table below these terms and conditions for a full list of trips included in the promotion. No Short breaks, Urban Adventures or sell in product are included in the promotion.

10. The discount can be applied to land only bookings, and cannot be applied to airfares, trip kitties, travel insurance, extra accommodation, single supplements or visas etc.

11. Intrepid Travel's Booking Conditions will also apply to the trip booked, and it is imperative that you examine those conditions before booking with Intrepid Travel. The most up to date Booking Conditions are accessible at

12. As outlined in the Intrepid Travel Booking Conditions, travel insurance is compulsory for all Intrepid Travel travellers and should be taken out prior to or at the time of booking. Please see the Booking Conditions for more details in this regard.

13. The trip is subject to availability and confirmation by Intrepid Travel at time of booking. Below listed trips may not have departures inside travel validity of promotion in which case they are not included.

14. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or special offers and must be taken up in full at the time of booking.

15. Trip prices and itineraries are subject to change at any time, including after booking. If there is a significant price change to a trip that is outside the control of Intrepid Travel (for example a significant increase in third party service provider costs), travellers may need to be re-invoiced at the new price. Promotions & discounts will still apply to the new price. This offer applies to the following trips:

GPTU Patagonia Wilderness ARGENTINA GGRS Buenos Aires to Rio Unplugged ARGENTINA GPKB Best of Argentina & Brazil ARGENTINA GPKU Best of Argentina & Chile ARGENTINA QVSE Land of Belize BELIZE HNKB Bhutan BHUTAN GGRD Explore Bolivia & Argentina BOLIVIA GGRL Explore Bolivia & Brazil BOLIVIA GGSV Bolivia Highlights BOLIVIA GGRCC Unveil South America BOLIVIA GGRFC Spirit of South America BOLIVIA UBKD Best of Botswana BOTSWANA UBOO Okavango Experience BOTSWANA YBSB Okavango & Beyond BOTSWANA UBOQC Explore Southern Africa BOTSWANA UBSCC Experience Southern Africa BOTSWANA GGSR Classic Brazil BRAZIL GPKD Best of Brazil & Argentina BRAZIL GPKSC Brazil, Argentina & Chile BRAZIL TKKS Classic Cambodia CAMBODIA TKRR Cambodia Adventure CAMBODIA TKRS Cambodia Discovery CAMBODIA TKSD Angkor Trails CAMBODIA TKSE Cambodian Traveller CAMBODIA TKSM Best of Cambodia CAMBODIA GPTV Patagonia Trekking CHILE GGRE Chile & Argentina Discovery CHILE GPKG Best of Chile & Argentina CHILE GGROC Road to Rio CHILE GPKRC Chile, Argentina & Brazil CHILE CBKB Classic China CHINA CBKD Discover China CHINA CBRF China Getaway CHINA CBRK Beijing to Hong Kong CHINA CBRM Tiger Leaping Gorge CHINA CBSB China Express CHINA CBSD China Highlights CHINA CBSE China Experience CHINA CBSH Hong Kong to Shanghai CHINA CBST Mountains & Monasteries CHINA CBSW Explore China CHINA CBZF Real Food Adventure - China CHINA CBSK Silk Road Journey CHINA CFRE Tibet Unplugged CHINA CBKBC Best Of China CHINA CBSKC The Silk Road - Beijing to Moscow CHINA CBSMC China Encompassed CHINA CBSWC China In Depth CHINA CBSXC Beijing to Delhi CHINA GGSK Experience Colombia COLOMBIA QVKR Costa Rica Express COSTA RICA QVRC Costa Rica & Panama Discovery COSTA RICA QVSR Classic Costa Rica COSTA RICA ZSRT Sail Croatia - Dubrovnik to Trogir CROATIA WMSK Balkan Adventure CROATIA WMSJC Budapest to Bled CROATIA ZMSUC Dubrovnik to Bled CROATIA QUKA Beautiful Cuba CUBA QUSH Best of Cuba CUBA QUSL Classic Cuba CUBA QUSZC Grand Cuba CUBA AMKB Highlights of Central Europe CZECH REPUBLIC AMRB Berlin to Venice CZECH REPUBLIC AMSB Best of Central Europe CZECH REPUBLIC AMSNC Vienna to Dubrovnik CZECH REPUBLIC GGKA Ecuadorian Haciendas ECUADOR GGRR Galapagos Venture ECUADOR GGSP Highlights of Ecuador ECUADOR GGTF Active Galapagos ECUADOR GGSYC Galapagos & Peru Adventure ECUADOR GGTWC Galapagos & Inca Trail Adventure ECUADOR EERJ Jordan & Egypt Express EGYPT XEKI Egypt Experience EGYPT XERA Explore Egypt EGYPT XESB Egypt Adventure EGYPT XESI Discover Egypt EGYPT XESW Pyramids to Petra EGYPT EEKJC Wonders of Egypt & Jordan EGYPT EERCC Jordan & Egypt Uncovered EGYPT AMKF Highlights of France FRANCE AMSF Paris to Madrid FRANCE AMSG Best of France FRANCE AMSBC Paris to Marrakech FRANCE ZMSXC Rome to Marrakech FRANCE ZMSA Santorini to Athens GREECE ZMSE Athens to Santorini GREECE ZMSWC The Greek Islands GREECE QVKB Mayan Explorer GUATEMALA QVRS Way to San Jose GUATEMALA QVSB Best of Guatemala & Mexico GUATEMALA QVRPC Amazing Central America GUATEMALA BMSI Iceland ICELAND HHKH North India Highlights INDIA HHKR Rajasthan Experience INDIA HHKS Classic South India INDIA HHRM Mumbai to Delhi INDIA HHRR North India Unplugged INDIA HHRS South India Unplugged INDIA HHSC Classic Rajasthan INDIA HHSD Kathmandu to Delhi INDIA HHSF Mountains & Mystics INDIA HHSK Delhi to Kathmandu INDIA HHSN Golden Triangle INDIA HHSR Rajasthan Adventure INDIA HHSS Southern India INDIA HHSU Unforgettable India INDIA HHSX Delhi to Goa INDIA HHZM Real Food Adventure - India INDIA HHKWC India & Nepal Experience INDIA HHKZC India Experience INDIA HHRCC India Unplugged INDIA HHSEC Highlights of India and Nepal INDIA HHSWC Spiritual India INDIA HHSXC Best of North India INDIA HHSYC North India Adventure INDIA HHSZC India South & North INDIA TISA Beautiful Bali INDONESIA TISE Jakarta to Ubud INDONESIA TISL Discover Lombok INDONESIA TIST Sumatran Highlights INDONESIA TISGC Bali & Lombok Adventure INDONESIA TISJC Java & Bali Explorer INDONESIA TTSIC Bangkok to Bali INDONESIA HPSN Iran Adventure IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF EESU Journey to Jerusalem ISRAEL ZMKF Italy Experience ITALY ZMRR Highlights of Italy ITALY ZMSC Barcelona to Rome ITALY ZMSK Discover Puglia ITALY ZMSP Rome to Paris ITALY ZMSR Umbrian Discovery ITALY ZMSS Rome to Amalfi ITALY ZMSV Best of Italy ITALY ZMZY Bite-size Break - Venice ITALY AMRRC Berlin to Rome ITALY ZMSDC Classic Italy ITALY ZMSMC Explore Southern Italy ITALY ZMSZC Italy Uncovered ITALY CJKT Japan Experience JAPAN CJRB Japan Express JAPAN CJST Land of the Rising Sun JAPAN EEKJ Jordan Experience JORDAN EESJ Explore Jordan JORDAN YGKK Kenya Lodge Safari KENYA YGOK Kenya Wildlife Safari KENYA YGSK Kenya Adventure KENYA YGKLC Kenya & Tanzania Lodge Safari KENYA YGOCC The Masai Heartlands KENYA YGSCC East Africa Wildlife Adventure KENYA TKSL Indochina Trails LAO PDR TLRK Laos Discovery LAO PDR TLSV Bangkok to Hanoi LAO PDR EESC Explore Lebanon LEBANON BMSE Baltic Experience LITHUANIA YBSM Experience Madagascar MADAGASCAR TMKB Classic Borneo MALAYSIA TMSC Sabah Adventure MALAYSIA TMSW Wild Sarawak MALAYSIA TMKP Classic Malaysia MALAYSIA TMSA Best of Malaysia MALAYSIA TMKMC Classic Malaysia & Borneo MALAYSIA TMSXC Best of Borneo MALAYSIA QVRA Mayan Encounter MEXICO QVKA Mayan Quest MEXICO QVRM Mexico Unplugged MEXICO QVSA Explore Mexico & Guatemala MEXICO QVZA Real Food Adventure - Mexico MEXICO QVKCC Mayan Discovery MEXICO QVRQC Best of Central America MEXICO QVRRC Ultimate Central America MEXICO QVRXC Central American Adventure MEXICO QVRYC Central America Encompassed MEXICO QVRZC Central America Explorer MEXICO QVSCC Mayan Highlights MEXICO CBSF Wild Mongolia MONGOLIA XMKP Morocco Experience MOROCCO XMSB North Morocco Adventure MOROCCO XMSC Best of Morocco MOROCCO XMSF South Morocco Discovery MOROCCO XMSQC Morocco Encompassed MOROCCO ZMSQC Spain, Portugal & Morocco MOROCCO YBOM Vic Falls, Coast & Kruger MOZAMBIQUE TTSM Best of Burma MYANMAR UXOF Cape Town to Vic Falls NAMIBIA YXOF Vic Falls to Cape Town NAMIBIA UBKC Experience Namibia NAMIBIA UBKEC Amazing Southern Africa NAMIBIA UXOAC Cape Town to Kenya NAMIBIA UXODC Africa Encompassed Northbound NAMIBIA YXOAC Kenya to Cape Town NAMIBIA YXOEC Africa Encompassed Southbound NAMIBIA HNKA Nepal Experience NEPAL HNSN Nepal Encompassed NEPAL HNXA Nepal Adventure NEPAL HNXC Annapurna Circuit NEPAL HNXE Everest Base Camp NEPAL HNXS Annapurna Sanctuary NEPAL HNXGC Annapurna & Everest NEPAL BMSH Scandinavia Explorer NORWAY BMSCC Oslo to Berlin NORWAY GGKP Majestic Peru PERU GGKY Inca Encounter PERU GGRK Peru & Ecuador Adventure PERU GGSA Peru Encompassed PERU GGSB Machu Picchu Express PERU GGSD Classic Peru PERU GGSO Homeland of the Incas PERU GGSQ Sacred Land of the Incas PERU GGTA Inca Trail Express PERU GGKIC Peruvian Pathways PERU GGRGC Inca Empire PERU GGRHC Best of South America PERU GGRIC South American Explorer PERU GGRXC Amazing South America PERU GGSBC Beautiful Machu Picchu PERU GGSEC Inca Trail & Amazon PERU GGSJC Peru Highlights PERU GGSLC Classic Peru & Amazon PERU GGSUC Explore Peru & Bolivia PERU GGTBC Inca Trail PERU TTSL Philippine Discovery PHILIPPINES CBSR Silk Road and Beyond RUSSIAN FEDERATION CBSU Trans-Siberian and Mongolia RUSSIAN FEDERATION WBSB Trans-Mongolian Experience RUSSIAN FEDERATION WBSF Russia Experience RUSSIAN FEDERATION WBSR Russia Highlights RUSSIAN FEDERATION UBOE Kruger & Coast SOUTH AFRICA UBOH Garden Route Adventure SOUTH AFRICA UBSA Kruger to Vic Falls SOUTH AFRICA YBOP Vic Falls to Kruger SOUTH AFRICA UBOSC Kruger, Coast & Cape SOUTH AFRICA XMSO Marrakech to Barcelona SPAIN ZMKG Highlights of Southern Spain SPAIN ZMSG Best of Spain SPAIN ZMSH Madrid to Marrakech SPAIN ZMSI Explore Spain and Portugal SPAIN ZMSN North Spain Discovery SPAIN ZMZZ Real Food Adventure - Northern Spain SPAIN AMSQC France & Spain SPAIN XMSPC Marrakech to Rome SPAIN ZMSBC Classic Spain SPAIN ZMSJC Classic Spain and Portugal SPAIN HPSH Circle Sri Lanka SRI LANKA YKGM Kili Climb - Kilimanjaro Marangu Route TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YKXM Kilimanjaro Marangu Route TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YGKT Tanzania Lodge Safari TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YGOT Serengeti Trail TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YGST Tanzania Adventure TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YXOB Kenya to Vic Falls TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YXOD Road to Zanzibar TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YXOA Vic Falls to Kenya TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YGOMC Serengeti & Kilimanjaro TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YXOCC Gorillas, Game Parks & Beaches TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YXOFC Vic Falls to Gorillas TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YXOHC Best of East Africa TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF YXOIC Gorillas to Vic Falls TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF TSSX Phuket to Ko Phi Phi Sailing THAILAND TSSY Ko Phi Phi to Phuket Sailing THAILAND TMSM Bangkok to Singapore THAILAND TTKK Highlights of Thailand THAILAND TTRO Essential Thailand THAILAND TTSK Explore Northern Thailand THAILAND TTSN Beautiful Thailand THAILAND TTSP Thailand Discovery THAILAND TTST Thailand Beaches East Coast (May - Oct) THAILAND TTXF Active Thailand THAILAND TMKTC Classic Malaysia & Thailand THAILAND TSSZC Phuket Sailing Adventure THAILAND TTSBC Classic Thailand East Coast (May - Oct) THAILAND TTSEC Thailand Adventure East Coast (May - Oct) THAILAND TTSLC Best of Thailand & Malaysia THAILAND TTSXC Thailand Experience East Coast (May - Oct) THAILAND ERKP Turkey Experience TURKEY ERSA Turkey Express TURKEY ERSI Best of Turkey TURKEY ERSW Turkey Discovery TURKEY ERXT Turkey Active TURKEY ERZZ Real Food Adventure - Turkey TURKEY ERSAC Treasures of Turkey TURKEY YGOG Gorilla Express UGANDA YXOG Gorillas, Chimps & Game Parks UGANDA WBSH St Petersburg to Budapest UKRAINE WBSU Ukraine Highlights UKRAINE WBSIC St Petersburg to Istanbul UKRAINE TKSV Great Indochina Loop VIET NAM TVKT Classic Vietnam VIET NAM TVRH Vietnam Adventure VIET NAM TVRN Vietnam Discovery VIET NAM TVSF Vietnam Express Southbound VIET NAM TVSQ Vietnam Express Northbound VIET NAM TVSR Scenic Vietnam VIET NAM TVST Best of Vietnam VIET NAM TVXB Cycle Vietnam VIET NAM TVZY Real Food Adventure - Vietnam VIET NAM TKKHC Classic Cambodia & Vietnam VIET NAM TKRDC Best of Indochina VIET NAM TKRNC Experience Indochina VIET NAM TKSKC Best of Cambodia & Vietnam VIET NAM TLSXC Indochina Uncovered VIET NAM TVRKC Explore Indochina VIET NAM TVSKC Best of Vietnam & Cambodia VIET NAM TVSLC Indochina Discovery VIET NAM