If there is one word to describe a destination like Indonesia, it’s diverse. Thousands and thousands of islands. Hundreds of languages and dialects. And of course, a plethora of beaches, jungles and volcanoes to choose from if you’re looking for a unique holiday in Indonesia. Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon escape in the secluded Gili Islands just off the coast of Lombok, a secret surf break in Bali, or a wildlife safari to see the orangutans in Sumatra – Indonesia has you covered. An absolute all-star line-up of islands, a holiday in Indonesia is guaranteed to provide the adventure of a lifetime.

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Thinking about a holiday in Indonesia but don’t know where to begin? Take a look through some of the top reviews on our Indonesia holidays below. Written by real Intrepid travellers, they’ve experienced the islands first hand on one of our trips, so you can use their feedback to find out more about which trip might suit you best.

Beautiful Bali, November 2017

Annie Guex

Beautiful Bali, November 2017

Leticia Barcon

Beautiful Bali, November 2017

Sara Foxley

Jakarta to Ubud, October 2017

Bert Berghmans

Beautiful Bali, November 2017

Megan Fielding

Beautiful Bali, October 2017

Caroline Stenhouse

Jakarta to Ubud, October 2017

Hitesh Shah

Beautiful Bali, November 2017

David Ludlow

Beautiful Bali, October 2017

Steph Rostron

Discover Lombok, October 2017

Lars Bernhard

Jakarta to Ubud, October 2017

Esther Golchert

Jakarta to Ubud, October 2017

Franziska Bachmann

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