Intrepid takes the safety of our travellers extremely seriously. The security situation has been volatile in Mexico for many years, but the risks are generally contained to certain areas. Intrepid is in constant contact with staff on the ground and our itineraries are designed with safety as the number one priority.

The Mexican government makes a big effort to protect tourist destinations, like the places visited by Intrepid, given the importance of tourism to the economy. These areas have seen far less crime and there’s nothing to suggest that tourists are being targeted. Violence is generally limited to interaction between the government and drug cartels, or between competing cartels, though there are some things to take note of when visiting Mexico:

Where Intrepid travels

Intrepid’s Mexico tours take travellers to Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas and various towns on the Yucatan Peninsula. Though there are risks associated with travelling to these destinations, they are largely separated from the drug wars and kidnappings that have plagued other regions of Mexico.

Personal safety

No matter where you travel, you should always be prioritising your personal safety. We recommend doing the following while in Mexico:

  • Avoid protests and large public gathering as these can become violent.
  • Don’t travel at night outside of the major cities.
  • Use ATMs during the daytime and don’t draw attention to valuables or money.
  • Stop at all roadblocks when driving and travel both in daylight and on toll highways where possible.

For more information on dangerous areas and safe travel in Mexico these government websites may be helpful:

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