While travel is about discovering new places, for us the best adventures are found outside the city limits.

We're talking places where cobbled laneways are replaced by vine-covered jungle paths, skyscrapers are dwarfed by soaring mountains, and the quickest way to get from A to B is a zip-line instead of a taxi. On our Active Adventures you can get a new perspective on familiar destinations – kayaking with river dolphins in Cambodia, white water rafting the Amazon, horse riding on far flung Moroccan beaches and mountain biking past zebras in South Africa. These are pulse-racing, hair-raising thrill rides for those who like their travel with a dash of the extraordinary. Saddle up and join the ride.

Our Active Adventures

10 Days From 2338

Amazing wildlife, both on land and underwater, is the drawcard of the remote Galapagos...

11 Days From 1016

Hike, bike and kayak across Vietnam on this active tour based out of Hanoi. Trek in...

8 Days From 1630

Mountains, forests and beaches – soak up the spectacular scenery of Italy’s Amalfi...

8 Days From 755

Walk, ride and raft in the outdoor paradise that is the Pyrenees. Visit Andorra, bike...

9 Days From 1075

See the best of Cambodia, learning about its history and customs as you cycle, trek and...

13 Days From 1382

Hike, bike and kayak through Negombo, Sigiriya, Knuckles, Kandy, Hatton, Ratnapura,...

8 Days From 1565

Walk into a world that's a play of colourful houses and blue sea as you amble between...

12 Days From 3485

Step into futuristic Tokyo, travel back in time to the ancient postal towns along the...

9 Days From 1553

This Sabah Adventure tour through the Borneo wilderness will truly capture your...

12 Days From 1320

Travel to Bali and Lombok, two jewels of Indonesia that were made for the active...

7 Days From 747

Experience a different side of Morocco, exploring Marrakech, Essaouira and the Atlas...

8 Days From 1305

Pump up the octane on this active Croatia adventure. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking,...

8 Days From 1459

Be captivated by Costa Rica on an adventure that combines thrill-seeking with the...

12 Days From 1005

An adrenaline charged tour of Turkey. Visit the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, cycle the...

12 Days From 1445

Jump aboard an active tour of Northern Thailand. Visit Bangkok, explore Chiang Mai,...

12 Days From 1080

Discover Nepal on this active Himalayan adventure combining trekking, mountain-biking...

8 Days From 1130

Based in Bohinj, hike Mt Vogel, bike through Triglav National Park and raft the rapids...

11 Days From 1887

Discover why Costa Rica is made for adventure seekers with a trip that journeys through...

14 Days From 2820

Go trekking in Madagascar, an island like no other. Travel from Antananarivo to Ifaty,...

18 Days From 3445

Be captivated by Costa Rica on an adventure that combines thrill-seeking with the...

11 Days From 1670

Whether it's on a raft, two feet or two wheels, adventure can be found everywhere in...

9 Days From 1695

From cool Boston to the White Mountain National Forest, where the the trails of...

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Why choose Intrepid

We will give you the best experience on trekking

Adventure is in our genes

We’ve been running our active adventures for over a decade, which means we know the best local suppliers and experts on the ground to give you an exciting and safe experience.

We have experienced local leaders with Intrepid

Experienced Leaders

Don’t know what a carabiner is? No problems! Our experienced local leaders and adventure enthusiasts can help show you the ropes while also showing you the sights.

Safety is our first priority.

Safety First

Whether it’s an included activity or an optional extra, we conduct safety assessments on all our activities to meet local standards as well as our own comprehensive safety policy. 

Learn to ride a bicycle for new adventures with Intrepid

Learn New Skills

Discovering a new destination also means unlocking new skills, like horse riding, canyoneering or mountain biking. Our Active Adventures are uniquely designed to teach you something new (and make you an enthusiast too.)

By choosing to travel with us, you also empower local communities.

Local Matters

We have close relationships with the communities we visit and always use local adventure providers on each of our trips. By choosing to travel with us, you also empower local communities.

Sustainable travel

We strive to use travel as a force for good. That’s why we choose to give back to the communities we visit, carbon offset all our trips and take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. We’ve been officially certified as the world’s largest travel B Corp, which means when you choose Intrepid Travel, you can rest assured you’re travelling to improve the planet.

Meet our leaders

Intrepid Galapagos tour leader Jessica


“The Galapagos Active tour with Jessica was an amazing experience. She was always available to assist with our requests and shared her knowledge of each region with passion.”

Beth HackettActive Galapagos

Italy Intrepid tour leader Marco


“Our guide Marco absolutely made it. A genuinely knowledgeable, friendly and incredibly helpful leader. He made us laugh the whole journey! Thank you!”

Adam O'LearyAmalfi Coast: Hike, Boat & Kayak

Nepal Intrepid tour leader Parbati


“Parbati was a brilliant leader. A wonderful lady and perfect for this job. She has a beautiful personality and engaged amazingly with the group.”

Carolyn SaintyNepal: Hike Bike and Raft


You don’t need to be a super athlete! Only a general level of health and fitness is needed to make the most of the experience. The physical level of activities does differ between trips and it is important to read the itinerary in detail to understand what level of exercise is involved. For instance, some of the trips deliver a great cardio workout (like cycling the Sacred Valley in Peru) while others will be less demanding.

If you’re not sure if you’re able to participate on any of our trips, visit your doctor to see if you’re in a healthy shape to fully enjoy the activities included.

None of our Active Adventures are overly technical and you won’t need any previous training or experience to participate. However most of our trips will include a combination of hiking, cycling and water-based activities. You will need to have some basic skills to fully participate in these, such as being able to pedal a bike or swim a short distance.

While training is not necessary, some of our trips can involve multiple days of hiking and it’s generally a good idea to start training, such as walking more at home or undertaking regular cardio exercise, prior to these trips.

You bet. Safety is the first priority on all our trips. This means we conduct safety assessments on all our activities whether they’re included or offered as optional extras. All of our safety assessments are conducted in accordance with national and local laws, as well as our own internal safety standards.

We provide full safety briefings for all our activities and usually allow a chance to practice before diving into the real thing. We also regularly check the equipment we use to make sure it meets safety standards.

All activities are led by our experienced and qualified leaders, or by local guides who might be experts in a particular activity. Whether it’s cycling, trekking or kayaking, our leaders live for the outdoors and will be able to introduce you to their favourite hobbies.

While the fun activities we include on our Active Adventures are a focus of our trips, we still feature the same local interactions and real life experiences that are a hallmark of the Intrepid experience. Our aim is to help you discover new places in a new way while still learning about the culture and its people.

We give our travellers flexibility to choose which activities they’d like to be part of. So while we include a heap of inclusions on our tours, you also have freedom to choose. If you like mountain biking and would like to spend another day polishing your skills, we’ll give you the option to do just that. If you are really keen on walking, we can show you the best walks to try during free time too.

The beauty of our Active Adventures is their ability to adapt to the landscape of each country. One day you’ll be rappelling in Costa Rica, riding horses along Morocco’s sandy beaches, or snorkelling with seals around the Galapagos Islands. Wherever possible we include unique activities tailored for the region you are visiting, making the most of the special opportunities each country provides.

The majority of our Active Adventures include two key activities: hiking and biking. These may come in different forms, from an easy hike on flat terrain to multi-day trekking featuring overnight camping, or short city cycling tours to full mountain biking expeditions. Make sure to read the itinerary for full details on how much hiking and biking will be involved, as well as the Essential Trip Information provided.

Water-based activities are included in almost every itinerary we offer. This mostly takes the form of rafting or kayaking. Rafting activities will usually take place on Grade II and Grade III rapids and you should feel comfortable in the water, including a basic level of swimming ability, before participating. We provide full safety briefings before each rafting excursion. Our kayaking activities may take place at sea or in rivers but either way we will provide full safety briefings and all necessary safety equipment.

No. There is no compulsory equipment on any of the trips, however it is always important to check the packing list for each particular itinerary. There may be items we suggest you bring with you, such as cycling gloves (that may come useful on other activities like zip-lining too!), gel seats, hiking boots, day packs or water shoes. Check the packing list of your trip for a full list, including what clothing and footwear might be needed. Cycling helmets are always provided as well as other safety equipment.

One thing to consider is packing a sleeping bag on trips involving overnight trekking. For instance, our trips in Madagascar require travellers to bring a sleeping bag with them.

We take care of all the little details so you can focus on tackling that next climb or paddling those rapids. We transport your main luggage for you while you are trekking, cycling or taking part in any other activity. We recommend carrying a day pack to hold some essential items from day to day, such as your sun screen, camera, water bottle, snacks and all the other items you may need for the day.

Because of the active nature of our trips, we require all travellers to hold an appropriate level of insurance coverage prior to their departure. This includes coverage for included and optional activities on your tour. Most insurance providers will covers all the activities we offer on our trips, however it is important you read your product information summary (or equivalent insurance policy document) carefully to ensure you are covered.  

When reviewing your insurance coverage, keep an eye out for included activities such as Via Ferrata, rafting and high altitude trekking (checking what exact altitude you are covered for is essential). If you have problems finding insurance, please contact our team for further advice.

We choose to stay at small, locally-owned accommodation wherever possible. You can expect clean, charming lodgings run by friendly staff willing to take you in at the end of a big day. Some of our included activities will take us deep into the jungle or high up in to the mountains, where we may stay in basic accommodation. It might be a homestay in a bamboo hut in Thailand, a traditional mountain gite in the Atlas Mountains or an eco-lodge nestled in Costa Rican rainforest.

On trips involving multi-day trekking, rafting or canoeing excursions, expect to camp out before continuing your expedition the next day. This is fully supported camping where tents are put up and down for you, meals are freshly prepared and basic washing facilities are provided.


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Located in Chile’s Patagonia region, Torres del Paine National Park is a beautiful but fragile natural wonder that needs more than just public resources in order to be sustained. The Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, an Intrepid Foundation project, is for locally led sustainability projects such as: trail restoration and maintenance, wetland protection and interpretation, expansion of recycling infrastructure, and the creation of new educational and inclusive tourism products in nearby Puerto Natales. By donating via the Intrepid Foundation, you too can help protect this national treasure for future generations.

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