Salt Lake City is a popular destination for both travellers from within the state of Utah and those travelling from surrounding states. Flocking to SLC for its rich pioneering and religious history, as well as to hit the slopes in the snow season, this city is perfect for those wanting to enjoy a day trip, weekend away, or longer vacation. One of the easiest ways to travel to Salt Lake City is by car with surrounding towns well within a reasonable driving distance.

If you're travelling to Salt Lake City from another state then you can always fly into Salt Lake City International Airport, or you can embark on a road trip as some journeys may take several hours by car. If road-trippin' is your thing, then we've set out a guide as to how many miles and how many hours it would take you to get to Salt Lake City by car from its neighbouring towns, national parks, and other interstate destinations. 

How far is Salt Lake City from Ogden?

Packed with more scenic trails than you'll be able to walk, Ogden is a smaller town to the north of Salt Lake City and is home to around 90,000 people. Similarly steeped in as much history as its pioneering neighbour, Ogden is full of small-town charm and travellers wanting to explore Salt Lake City and all its attractions. As the journey between the two cities is only 37 miles, inhabitants of Ogden frequently visit Salt Lake City for evenings and day trips as it's only 40 minutes away.

How far is Salt Lake City from Provo?

The town of Provo has a rich religious history, with people of the Mormon faith moving to the city from all over the world in the mid-1800s. Since then, it has become a thriving place full of culture and diversity. There are a couple of ways to travel from Provo to Salt Lake City; either by car or by bus via the public transport system in Utah. While catching the bus to Salt Lake City will take you around 50 minutes, if you're driving by car you'll arrive in the city 10 minutes earlier, with the journey being 47 miles. 

How far is Salt Lake City from Moab?

Moab is a small town in the eastern areas of Utah, characterized by its natural beauty in the form of twisted and buckled sandstone formations. Participating in Moab group walking tours are very popular as it's hard to imagine travelling into the state of Utah and not visiting the breathtaking scenery from one of its many incredible walking trails. Once you've had your fair share of stunning views, making your way to Salt Lake City by car will take you just under 4 hours with the journey being 235 miles. 

How far is Salt Lake City from Zion National Park?

Located right at the southwestern tip of Utah, Zion National Park is 229 square miles of natural beauty, featuring canyons made up of Navajo sandstone walls shaped by wind and rain over thousands of years. Whether you're travelling from the park to Salt Lake City or the other way around, the drive between the two destinations is just over 4 hours long, taking about 300 miles. Luckily, the route between these spots offers beautiful sights and other attractions so there's plenty to keep you entertained throughout your journey by car. 

How far is Salt Lake City from Yellowstone?

Boasting its credentials as the world's first national park, Yellowstone National Park encompasses over 2.2 million acres of waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, mud pools, and otherworldly landscapes. Walking tours are also popular if you want to explore this magnificent piece of nature. If you're continuing your journey in the western part of the U.S., Salt Lake City is 357 miles away from Yellowstone and will take you roughly 4 and a half hours by car so good tunes and even better snacks are a must for this road trip. 

How far is Salt Lake City from Las Vegas?

The glitz, glamour, and gambling of Las Vegas couldn't be further from the big-city vibe but the small-town feel of Salt Lake City. However, that doesn't stop people from travelling between the two, with a stop at a national park in between! Las Vegas is roughly 420 miles from Salt Lake City, making the journey by car just over 5 hours. If that's a road trip you don't want to embark on, you can fly from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to Salt Lake City International Airport, with the flight time being roughly an hour. 

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