The world’s largest carbon neutral travel company since 2010, we measure our annual GHG inventory in accordance with the global GHG Protocol, offsetting our emissions (operations and trips) by purchasing international carbon credits. As of December 2019, we’ve offset more than 351,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. In late 2018, we revised our reporting methodology in line with Climate Active, formally known as the National Carbon Offsetting Standards (NCOS), under the Australian Government’s Carbon Neutral Initiative.

At a glance

  • Carbon neutral since 2010
  • 44 offices (including new and virtual) assessed for emissions in 2020
  • More than 2,000 carbon offset trips
  • We emitted 7,018 tonnes of carbon in 2020, compared with 37,795 in 2019
  • We’ve offset more than 358,000 tonnes of carbon emissions worldwide
  • Our reporting methodology is in line with Climate Active, formally known as the National Carbon Offsetting Standards (NCOS), under the Australian Government’s Carbon Neutral Initiative
  • We have set a science-based emissions reduction target in line with a 1.5°C future

How we offset

Meeting the locals in Mexico.

1. Measure

We measure and offset the main sources of emissions on our trips from transport to accommodation and waste. When it comes to our offices, we measure and offset our emissions from electricity, bottled gas, natural gas, water, flights, vehicles, waste and paper.

Cycling through Thailand.

2. Reduce

Intrepid is committed to protecting our planet. That’s why we take a sustainable approach to our consumption and production; both during our trips and in our offices.

On trips, we do this by using public transport, encouraging travellers to take reusable water bottles, and minimising the number of flights included in our itineraries. In our offices, we recycle waste and have introduced efficiency measures including energy efficient light bulbs, digital conferencing and conservation of water.

Ancient temple ruins outside Siem Reap, Cambodia.

3. Offset

We offset our carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits associated with a range of renewable energy projects. We have identified six key international projects that we will purchase carbon credits with from 2018-2022. Our carbon offset projects include Gold Standard and Verified carbon standard certified projects, which bring additional economic, social, and environmental benefits, including habitat and biodiversity protection.


Our Quick Start Guide to Decarbonise Your Travel Business

We've created an open-source 10-Step Quick Start Guide to Decarbonise Your Travel Business. The complimentary resource provides an easy-to-follow action plan on reduction and offsetting for other tourism businesses to follow. The guide includes practical examples and tips to encourage the industry to rebuild more sustainably amid the pandemic.

Download the guide

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