Just when you thought Las Vegas couldn’t get any more fun, flashy, or fast-paced, the Electric Daisy Carnival tumbles into sin city to turn excitement levels all the way up.

Whether you’ve spent the last week or so trekking through the wild west’s otherworldly national parks or you’re just about to live it up along the Las Vegas strip, take your vacation up a notch by combining your Intrepid trip with an experience you’ll never forget. Kick-off or carry on your indulgent exploits at the EDC Music Festival in Vegas and let your senses explode as you listen to the hypnotic beats from your favourite artists and DJs. Featuring glow-in-the-dark environments, LED installations, exhilarating carnival rides, and the best house & techno music goin’ round, the party never has to stop. 

What is the EDC Music Festival?

On the surface, the Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC as it’s more commonly known, is an electronic music festival where world-renowned DJs and artists come to perform over the course of three days. While this festival might be the largest of its kind in North America, it’s so much more than that. This event is a multi-sensory experience designed to inspire, push creative boundaries, and create a positive culture you’re never going to want to leave. 

When is the EDC Music Festival? 

The EDC Music Festival is taking place on May 20th – 22nd at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada. Following the success of the Las Vegas event since its inception in 1991, the EDC Festival has now expanded to feature carnivals in other states and countries with annual events now held in Orlando, China, and Mexico, however, the EDC Festival in Las Vegas is still the best one to go to if you want the original experience. 

What to wear for the EDC Music Festival

Your outfit for the EDC Festival should definitely represent the madness and excitement of the event itself. Think neon colours, unconventional clothing such as swimsuits and fishnets, crazy hair and makeup, and comfortable footwear that’ll also impress.  Basically, it’s your free ticket to go all out. Don’t overthink it, just wear whatever you feel like. 

What is the DJ lineup for EDC 2022? 

There are more than 100 DJs scheduled to perform at EDC in 2022. This includes a mix of techno, trance, and house artists to make sure there's a little something for all edm lovers. See below a small number of confirmed performers: 

  • AC Slater 
  • Meduza
  • Dom Dolla 
  • Testpilot 
  • DJ Snake 
  • Kygo 
  • Timmy Trumpet

Full the full list of performers, click here. 

Things to do at EDC 

Aerialist performer in Las Vegas.

Play around with the performers

While part of the awesomeness of attending an epic festival like EDC is the freedom to wear and express yourself however you want, during your three-day stay you might notice that some people are lookin’ crazier than others. These people are known as the performers of EDC; the dancers, stilters, aerialists, circus freaks, and funkified characters who’ll astound your mind, enchant your imagination and play with you until all hours. 

Ferris Wheel at the EDC Festival in Las Vegas at sunset.

Enjoy a carnival ride or two

If you thought listening to music was the only thing you could do at EDC then think again. You can’t have a carnival without rides and this event is the ultimate playground thanks to the inclusion of more than 10 of your theme park favourites. From rides that’ll spin you ‘round and roller coasters that go upside down to a gigantic Ferris Wheel where you can view the entire festival from above, these rides are worth stepping away from the music for. 

DJs on stage at the EDC Festival in Las Vegas.

Tear up the D-floor at every epic stage

EDC is a place where your imagination can run wild so it’s no surprise that each of the eight stages within the festival are designed to ignite the senses like never before. Each with their own distinct mix of technology and nature, these stages give you the opportunity to connect with your favourite music both on and off the dancefloor. Once you’ve done the rounds, settle on a stage that’s going to have you partying the night away and let the sounds of Zedd, Alesso, and Diplo (among others) take over your body. 

Art installations at the EDC Las Vegas at nighttime.

Marvel at the exceptional three-dimensional art

The EDC Music Festival knows how to put on a show, and no we’re not just talking about watching the DJs dropping their sick beats. Constructed to be immersive in every way possible, the carnival also features huge three-dimensional superstructures designed for you to explore, interact, and connect with. From glow-in-the-dark activations to LED-infused flora and fauna straight out of an Alice-in-Wonderland type world, simply wandering around this extraordinary event is enough to blow your mind.


There are a couple of ways to get to EDC once you're in Las Vegas. Located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, EDC can be accessed via standard or premium shuttles that will take you from a central Las Vegas location straight into the festival itself, bypassing all regular traffic. If that's not the option for you, it's recommended that you ride share where possible so as to keep congestion at a minimum. 

Ticket prices for EDC start at USD$339 + USD$90 in taxes & fees for standard, general admission 3-day passes. If you wanted to grab a GA + Experience Pass it'll set you back USD$630 but it does offer dedicated entry into the event (so you can avoid big queues and wait times) as well as special access to premium and air-conditioned restrooms. The last level of ticket fares is the VIP Enhanced Experience Pass at USD$779. This will treat you to free gourmet food and drink options, fast entry, special viewing decks, and VIP-only activities. To book your tickets, click here. 

More than 400,000 people visit EDC over the 3-day event each year. 

The EDC festival can be an intense environment at times so it's always better to be fully stocked up and prepared with all of the essentials before you go. To ensure you have everything you need, we've put together a list of the must-have items for EDC: 

  • hydration pack or reusable drink bottle
  • face mask/bandana 
  • fanny pack/small day bag 
  • valid government ID 
  • comfortable shoes 
  • pain reliever (in case all that music gives you a headache) 
  • earplugs (for when you want to go to sleep at night)

If you're wondering about where to stay for EDC then you have a couple of options including booking accommodation at a nearby hotel or camping out at the festival grounds themselves. If you feel like camping, you can't buy a single-night camping pass even if you're only planning on attending one of the days. Only 4-night camping passes are available and they start at USD$600+ and go up from there. If you've arranged alternate accommodation, you can use the free shuttle buses to take you to and from the festival at the start/end of each day. 

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