We’re all for travel being a way to challenge yourself. Whether it be visiting a place you’ve never been, speaking a language you’ve never spoken or stepping outside your physical comfort zone. Our range of Road Cycling tours do exactly that – challenging you to do the type of cycling you’ve always dreamed of doing, across some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. When you ride with Intrepid, you have the peace of mind that we’ve planned a great route, covered all the details and you’ll be supported every pedal stroke of the way. So, what are you waiting for? Join us for the Road Cycling tour of your dreams.

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There aren't many places Intrepid hasn't been, many challenges we haven't tackled, so even if you've got a destination in mind that isn't on our list of Road Cycling tours, our Tailor-Made team is here to help. We'll use our 30 years of experience and regional specialists to help you create your perfecr road bike-based adventure.

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Full support

We provide a support vehicle as secondary transport in case of injury, inclement weather, unexpected hazardous road conditions, and as an option for those that would prefer not to cycle for an hour or even a day.

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Small groups

Our groups are small enough to allow you to ride at your own pace, but big enough to create a good social vibe. Our maximum group size is 12 people, which we’ve found is a great number to let you connect with your fellow cyclists and also benefit from your leader’s local knowledge and cycling experience.

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Local leaders

The best folk to show you the heart of a destination are the ones that live there, which is why we work exclusively with local cycling leaders. Our leaders are not just cycling enthusiasts, but they’re also your teacher and enthusiastic purveyor of local experiences.

Highlights of Road Cycling

Cycle tour ride the roads of Le Baux in France

Tackle the legendary climbs seen in the Grand Tours

Challenge yourself on the most famous climbs in cycling – the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta de Espana. Choose from the mighty Tourmalet, to the Passo Stelvio and of course the 21 hairpins of the Alpe d'Huez. If you need motivation to keep pedalling, when you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with a picnic of local delicacies.

Madonna di Ghisallo in Lombardy

Pay homage to the ‘Patron Saint of Cycling'

Visit Italy’s famed cycling monument, the church of the Madonna di Ghisallo or the ‘Patron Saint of Cycling’. This small church – probably the only religious site in the world that welcomes people wearing tight lycra – is home to an amazing collection of cycling memorabilia, from Fausto Coppi, to Eddy Merckx and more modern champions.

Cycle tour group take a break by Lake Como

Ride around the picturesque towns of Lake Como

Enjoy a flatter ride day when you track around the famed Lake Como. Visit the stunning lakeside village of Bellagio, which is commonly called ‘the Pearl of Lake Como’, as well as the heart of the district itself – Como. Rest your cycling legs and explore the playground of the rich and famous or get a bird’s eye view of where you’ve ridden with a ride on the scenic funicular railway.

Green jungle surround the Colombian mountain roads

Cycle up the longest climb in the world

While European climbs get all the press, the true ‘mother of all cycling climbs’ lies in Colombia – the mythical Alto de Letras. At almost 80 kilometres long it’s reputed to be the longest climb in the world and completing it guarantees you legendary cycling status.


There are a number of differences between Road Cycling and our other Cycling trips, but the main one is that on a Road Cycling trip, the focus is as much on the riding itself as the destination. In contrast, on our core Cycling trips we aim to ride together as a group, stopping often to enjoy the destination and interacting as much as we can with the local people and environment.

You can expect Road Cycling trips to be physically more challenging – but not overly so – and you will be allowed the time and space to ride at your own pace. We mostly ride through mountainous territory, sometimes remote but always awe-inspiring. We do allow plenty of time to stop for a coffee (and often cake!) but our focus is on completing the ride rather than exploring the destination, before getting together as a group in the evening for a well-deserved dinner.

What you will find on both our Cycling trip styles is the feeling of camaraderie and shared experience the group has while achieving something truly inspirational.

Our Road Cycling tours in France, Italy, Spain and Colombia are focussed on riding on some of the finest roads and among the most stunning scenery in the world. Based on world-famous cycling routes and climbs often covered by the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta de Espana, we spend more time in the mountains than the flats.

We know that most road cyclists like and trust the feel of their own bike, and the majority will bring their own, so we don’t include bike hire on our Road Cycling tours. It also means you won’t be paying for a bike you never use. For those that prefer not to travel with their own bike and want to avoid the hassle of transporting it we do offer the option to hire a suitable bike locally. Please check the Essential Trip Information on the trip page for more information. 

Bringing your own bike – if you want to bring your own bike from home you’ll need to box it up for transport on the plane: the easiest way to do this is to go to your local bike shop and ask if they will do it for you (a fee may apply). They often have boxes on hand from old stock and have the tools to remove the pedals and secure your handlebars. Airline fees will also apply, so check with your airline about costs.

Hiring a bike – the bikes we use are from proven brands, very well maintained, typically less than three years old (most are newer) and specifically chosen to suit the terrain you'll be cycling on, on the trip. They come in the full range of sizes from extra small to extra-large and have gearing suitable for long climbs in the mountains. The only thing you need to do is advise us of your height at the time of booking and we’ll handle the rest. If you like, you can always take your own saddle (seat) as well as your pedals and shoes too. 

All airlines will have their own rules and fees when transporting bikes. We recommend you contact the airline before you pay for your flights to see what charges and requirements they have. Before you go, you must box your bike for transport. The easiest way to do this is to go to your local bike shop and ask if they will do it for you (a fee may apply). They often have boxes on hand from old stock and have the tools to remove the pedals and secure your handlebars.

On all of our Road Cycling trips your luggage is transferred between accommodation for you each day. All you have to carry is drinks, any snacks or gadgets you may want and a few layers to keep you dry and warm. As people do get spread out on long climbs we recommend also carrying a small puncture repair kit with you. Our support vehicle travels with the group while riding and will carry small daypacks, jackets for descending, etc. so you don’t need to carry these with you if you don’t want to.

Helmets are compulsory on all our cycling tours, so you can either bring your own or save on luggage space and buy one at a local bike shop once you arrive. We also recommend you bring your own water bottle, and cycling-specific shoes. We highly recommend bring close-fitting cycling shorts and jerseys, but you are free to ride in whatever you find comfortable. For more information on packing, check out the What to Pack section of the Essential Trip Information.

Our Road Cycling trips are the most physically challenging cycling trips we offer; however, we have still designed these trips to be achievable for regular cyclists who have never cycled in the mountains before. Our support vehicle and crew are always there to assist you.

The vast majority of our cycling days are between 50 and 100 kilometres (31 to 62 miles) and are done at a relatively relaxed pace with plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the scenery or just take a break.

Road Cycling trips are done predominantly on sealed roads (with the odd unsealed section), but none of the trips require any specialist cycling skills. However, we recommend riding as many hills as you can in the months and weeks leading up to your trip to ensure you are comfortable with both climbing and descending.

We run risk assessments on every one of our cycling trips to make sure they’re up to scratch, and your cycling leaders have personally ridden every inch of the itinerary in advance. We’ve assessed the road conditions, the level of traffic and any potential blackspots. Our leaders are trained in cycling health and safety, as well as basic first aid, and we usually have a vehicle following us if an evacuation ever becomes necessary. We’ve also made sure our cycling tours depart during the milder months, when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, so the ride should be as pleasant (and safe) as possible.

No. Any injuries you might suffer while riding should be covered by the more reputable comprehensive policies (we can recommend some good brands if you’re unsure of what to get). It’s always important to double check the fine print before departing on your trip and be aware that (like all Intrepid trips) travel insurance is compulsory on our cycling itineraries.


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