Weather in Brisbane

Brisbane is known for having reasonably good weather all year round with tourists flocking to the state to enjoy some much-needed sun. Brisbane's climate is classified as being subtropical, meaning hot weather and high temperatures for the majority of the year. During Summer, the average temperature is roughly 25°C but can go as low as 21°C or as high as 30°C. These high temperatures are usually accompanied by humid weather, with February being the most humid month of the year, and gives you an excuse to spend most of the season cooling off in the water. However, with the high temperatures, thunderstorms and occasional flooding can also be expected with the Summer months being the highest for rainfall in the city. 

Does Brisbane ever get cold?

While Brisbane is known for having warm - hot weather for most of the year, that doesn't mean it never gets cold during the Winter seasons. The Winter months are generally quite dry with December, January, and February the months where rainfall is expected. The average temperature in Winter is around 15°C but early mornings and the evenings can drop lower to a crisp 9°C (rarely lower than that). 

Brisbane doesn't see snow at any point of the year as the temperatures aren't low enough to produce it. 

When is the best time to travel to Brisbane? 

You can travel to Brisbane at any time during the year thanks to its subtropical climate. While the peak season of Summer sees temperatures in the mid-high 20's, Spring is also a good time to travel if you want to escape the tourists and still enjoy great weather, with the average temperature being 20°C. This temperature is also accompanied by generally sunny days with cool, breezy evenings. Spring is the season where humidity is less likely with September being the least humid month of the year. 

Similar to that of Spring, Autumn also sees great weather with less chance of humidity and rain whilst still recording an average temperature of 20°C. 

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