When is the best time to visit Atlanta?

Atlanta is a culturally thriving city full of music festivals, sports games, theatre shows, historic sites, fascinating museums, mouthwatering restaurants, and fantastic shopping precincts so it's little wonder it welcomes thousands of travelers every year. The weather in Atlanta is relatively mild all year round so there's not necessarily a 'best' time to visit but the summer months of June, July, and August are the most popular. If you wanted to avoid the crowds but still enjoy some warmer weather, then spring is also a good time to visit Atlanta. 

Winter in Atlanta 

Best for: food & drink festivals, Christmas markets

While winter in Atlanta is the season that welcomes the least amount of travelers each year, the weather during December, January, and February isn't that cold compared to other parts of the United States. Temperatures average around 55°F during the day but can drop lower at nighttime so packing pants, sweaters, and coats are advised. Sometimes, Atlanta experiences light snowfall but this can shut down some activities and roads if the snow comes unexpectedly. 

Despite the cold weather, Atlanta is full of food and drink festivals during winter so make sure to pack your appetite. 

Spring in Atlanta

Best for: outdoor concerts & festivals, walking through parks & gardens, cycling 

Spring is considered to be the best time to travel to Atlanta as the temperatures are still quite warm but you can avoid the crowds that come with traveling during the peak season of summer. Spring also experiences little to no rain with April seeing the least amount of rainfall on average (3.36 inches) so there are plenty of sunny days to explore the numerous lusciously green parks and flower-full gardens scattered throughout the city. There are also a number of events including concerts and music festivals that happen throughout spring due to the great weather. 

The average temperature in spring is around 60°F but expect that number to go up in the second half of April and into May. While the weather is relatively warm during the day, it can get colder at night so make sure to bring a cardigan or light sweater to keep you warm. 

Summer in Atlanta 

Best for: playing golf, cycling, outdoor food festivals & concerts

Summer is the most popular time to travel to Atlanta as the weather is fairly good with average temperatures of around 81°F. July is the hottest month out of the year, enjoying an average high temperature of 90°F. The summer months can also be quite humid due to the warm weather and large amounts of rainfall so temperatures can often feel hotter than they actually are. Make sure you're putting sunscreen on whenever you go outside and carrying a reusable water bottle with you so you can stay hydrated. 

The warm summer days are perfect for playing golf or tennis, cycling around this city's many parks and gardens, and enjoying outdoor festivals and concerts. 

July is also the month that sees the most amount of rainfall, sitting at 5.27 inches on average. This is partly because summer in Atlanta is prone to experiencing hurricanes so if you're traveling during June, July, or August, be on the lookout for wild, windy, or stormy weather. 

Fall in Atlanta

Best for: music festivals, Pride Festival, apple & pumpkin picking, various conventions

The season of Fall is also a relatively good time to travel to Atlanta as the temperatures are still quite high (mid-60s to low 80s) and the city's attractions and parks are less crowded. However, fall in Atlanta also comes under hurricane season so keep your eyes peeled for signs of a storm and listen to regular weather updates for more information. This also means that the months of September, October, and November see a fair amount of rainfall so make sure you pack appropriate wet weather clothing if you plan on spending a considerable amount of time outside. 

The annual Pride Festival runs in October so be prepared for some epic celebrations, as well as apple & pumpkin picking for some fall festivities.  

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