Stretching metatarsal-like down the west coast of the South American continent, Chile is a mere topographical slither in comparison to her mighty neighbour (Argentina). But despite the narrow, almost unfair, geographical proportion that this country takes up, Chile has been blessed with the lion’s share of the spine of the Andes. As such, a holiday in Chile offers a disproportionate range of activities and adventures for such a narrow landmass; the extremely extensive coastline spans a range of climates to suit every type of beachgoer, the wine culture that rivals the best in the world is booming, and the lure of Patagonia draws trekkers from all over the world.

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Considering a holiday in Chile but not sure if it’s right for you? Take a look at our top reviews of Chile holidays below. They’ve been submitted as feedback from Intrepid travellers after they’ve experienced the trip for themselves, so can act as a guide for you when deciding which tour is going to suit you best.

Best of Chile & Argentina, November 2017

Rachel Lintott

Patagonia Trekking, November 2017

Kirsten Dressler

Patagonia Trekking, November 2017

Patricia Markovich

Patagonia Trekking, October 2017

Peter Clough

Patagonia Trekking, October 2017

Alan McLean

Patagonia Trekking, October 2017

Brent Craig

Patagonia Trekking, October 2017

Jane Axton

Best of Chile & Argentina, October 2017

Laura Devine

Best of Chile & Argentina, September 2017

Claartje and Alan Newall

Best of Chile & Argentina, September 2017

emma stokes

Best of Chile & Argentina, August 2017

Kristy Lawless

Best of Chile & Argentina, August 2017

Monica Brbich

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