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Whatever the yardstick – geographic, linguistic, cultural, historical, economic – Tajikistan’s a country that revels in the obscure.

Most locals speak Tajik, a modern Persian dialect in a region overwhelmingly Turkic; the landscape is absurdly altitudinous, its borders a result of arbitrary Soviet demarcations; the economy is propped up by overseas migrant remittances and illicit drug trafficking; and archaeological attractions run the gauntlet of Buddhist stupas, Silk Road bazaars and Zoroastrian ruins... What’s not to intrigue? Culturally captivating and naturally arresting, Tajikistan – arguably the Stans’ least developed land – is as enigmatic as countries come.

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Tajikistan Discovery

Briony · Traveled September 2019
If you don’t mind long days of driving this trip allows you to see the best scenery that Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have to offer. An amazing country, you won’t be disappointed.
Review submitted 29 Sep 2019

Tajikistan Discovery

Hannes · Traveled August 2019
The trip from Bishkek to Dushanbe it felt like a time travel though the last 100 years. The Wakhan area at the border to Afganistan is like a different world with an impressive landscape. And the Pamir Highway never feels like a highway :-)
Review submitted 12 Sep 2019

Tajikistan Discovery

JACK · Traveled August 2019
I am privileged to have taken the Intrepid explorer trips to Kyrgystan, Tajikstan and Uzbekistan. Tajikistan especially offered me an opportunity to experience landscape and mountainous vistas never experienced in such virgin natural state during my previous 50+ years of international living and travel experiences. Would highly recommend the journeys to one who wants to see new life horizons here on Earth. Jack
Review submitted 15 Nov 2019

Tajikistan Discovery

Grob · Traveled June 2019
Tadjikistan discovery was a very great trip in the high mountains of the Pamirs. The scenary was fabulous and breath-taking. This trip includes long stretch of very bad roads, and some accomodations are very basic. That was clearly explained in the itinerary descrition, but if this is fine with you, this trip is highly recommendable. Group leader and driver were the best possible.
Review submitted 17 Jul 2019

Tajikistan Discovery

Justin · Traveled June 2019
Good trip through the Pamirs and Wakhan. Transport was a van and an SUV. The van was far less comfortable, so if you're not a solo traveler, I'd suggest booking and SUV yourself instead. Don't book an exit airport transfer--the hotel schedules and pays for it.
Review submitted 04 Jul 2019

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We're here to do good for people and the planet by creating positive change through the joy of travel.