Valentine’s special: Meet your (destination) match

written by Liv Bohn February 9, 2018
Yellow bike in Hoi An

No sweetheart this year? No worries. Choose travel instead this Valentine’s Day! With the “most romantic” day on the calendar fast approaching, I thought I’d take the chance to introduce you to your next dreamy destination. Whether it’s heat you’re after or someplace that’ll give you chills – there’s somewhere for everyone. Get ready to meet your match…


Views over Halong Bay

Photo captured by Patrick O’Neill

Do you heart bustling cities, emerald green rice paddies and eating steaming bowls of noodle soup street-side? Is your idea of a perfect date kayaking between towering limestone islands, or enjoying the sights on the back of a moped? Vietnam is calling! With its stunning scenery and delicious cuisine, you won’t be able to resist.

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Moroccan tagine

Photo captured by Chimene Barratt

Does the thought of some place hot where riding camels over desert dunes is a must set your heart racing? Does haggling for trinkets in maze-like bazaars before tucking into a mouth-watering tagine sound like an idyllic rendezvous? Morocco is on the cards. With its infectious energy and friendly locals, you’ll be hitting it off in no time.

A trip you’ll love: Best of Morocco
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The Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Photo captured by Samantha Reid

Have you got a passion for awe-inspiring Mughal architecture, spicy food and sunset tuk-tuk rides around town? Do you have a weakness for lengthy sleeper-train journeys, pastel-coloured cities and diverse landscapes? Give India a chance to impress. With its palpable spirituality and undeniable charm, you’re bound to be bowled over.

A trip you’ll love: Classic Rajasthan
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Local street art in Havana

Photo captured by Kendall Fayle

Does cruising through the streets in vintage cars, learning to dance sexy salsa and strolling along a seaside promenade, sound like a little slice of heaven? Are you a sucker for a mojito and somewhere with a lot of history? Cuba is just the ticket. With its fun-loving attitude and fascinating past, you can’t help but fall head over heels.

A trip you’ll love: Beautiful Cuba
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Views from a plane over the Okavango Deltas

Photo captured by Chris Castle

Would you be the first to describe yourself as wild at heart? Does camping in the open and falling asleep under a blanket of stars sound like a dream come true? Could one of the world’s most impressive waterfalls bring a tear to your eye? Botswana’s your bag. With its countless amazing animal-spotting opportunities, you’ll go gaga.

A trip you’ll love: Okavango Experience
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Ceviche in Lima, Peru

Photo captured by Cliff Bielawski

Always fantasised about hiking to an ancient Incan settlement, or diving into a bowl of citrus-dressed ceviche? Have you pictured yourself floating on islands in the middle of a great lake, or discovering hidden street art galleries? Peru is for you. With its quaint colonial cities and emerging culinary scene, you’ll never want to leave.

A trip you’ll love: Sacred Land of the Incas
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Kayaking around Pleneau Island, Antarctica

Photo captured by Liam Neal

Does the thought of snow-covered vistas and alleys of bright blue icebergs leave you feeling all tingly? Would spotting Gentoo penguins and migrating blue whales make your heart melt? Get yourself to Antarctica. With its unfathomable beauty and style of travel like no other, you certainly won’t be forgetting it in a hurry.

A trip you’ll love: Antarctic Peninsula
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Canals in Venice

Photo captured by Cliff Bielawski

Is a country where eating your body weight in pizza and pasta is encouraged top of your bucket list? Would gliding down canals in a gondola, or exploring Roman ruins be your favourite way to spend a day? Italy, it is. With its artistic treasures and some of the best food on the planet. You’ll be seduced by la dolce vita before you can say uno, due, tre.

A trip you’ll love: Best of Italy
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Lamps in an Egyptian bazaar

Photo captured by Lizzie Mulherin

Are you enticed by mysterious mythology, rolling rivers and hearty Middle Eastern fare? Do you long to lose yourself smoky souks, visit sand-beaten cities, or discover lands once inhabited by ancient kings? Egypt has just what you’re looking for. With its exotic charms and endless golden sands, you’ll be left spellbound by this desert oasis.

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Not convinced you’ve found your soulmate here? Fear not, there’s a potential suitor for all on the Intrepid website.

Feature image C/O Sally Johnson.

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