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written by Intrepid Travel May 3, 2022
Surviving the roads in Vietnam

Nobody knows more about travelling than Intrepid Travel’s network of local leaders; the experts who lead our small tour groups. Here are their nuggets of travel advice.

Tips on choosing safe street food

Local leader Jane

Jane, China

“There are many delicious street foods but you have to be careful of hygiene. In my opinion, go for the longest queue. If people are queuing for a particular store, it must be delicious and safe. Try to avoid buying ready-made food. It’s better to eat fresh food.” – Jane, China

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Tips for packing

“Travel light. I see it all the time: the bigger the luggage is, the less they enjoy the trip. And at the end of the trip they agree. It’s simple, if you travel light you can enjoy more, you don’t get as tired. We are all travellers – we don’t need to care about how we are dressing because what you are going to enjoy is not the way you dress; you can do that at home. You are going to enjoy what’s outside. Comfortable clothing is all that matters.” – Danny Salvado, Spain

“Learn a little bit about the country. The weather – its characteristics. Make sure you bring everything you need.” – Johanna, Ecuador

Local leader Keith

Keith, Australia

“You should learn about the country you are going to before you get there. What the conditions are, what to take, what’s included, what’s not included. We get people who book holidays and get out here and have no idea what they’re doing. You need to know these things.” – Keith, Australia

Tips for the Trans-Siberian Express

“From trip to trip, things may vary widely. Especially with the toilets. One of the most inconvenient things on the Trans-Siberian Express two years ago was that all the train toilets would be closed when it stopped at stations. Sometimes the train stops for an hour and you have to be prepared. Two years ago they started to put new carriages on the Trans-Siberian trains, but you will never know if you are going to have a new carriage or an old carriage. I would definitely expect the worst. I always prepare my passengers by saying, ‘You know what? It’s going to be damn hot on the train and there is not going to be any air conditioning and the toilets will be closed. Just be prepared that there may not be much space and especially, big bags are not for the Trans-Siberian.” – Anton, Russia.

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Tips for getting the most out of travel

Local leader Emir

Emir, Turkey

“When you leave your hotel go left, right, or straight. Go on adventures and get a bit lost. Find little bars and cafes and just do people watching. Absorb the energy of the place and take it all in.” – Dinko, Croatia
“We just have one life so when you are in the moment, try to get as much as you can out of the experience you are having. Realise your expectations – set them clearly. The less you expect, the happier you’ll be.” – Emir, Turkey

“I tell my groups: ‘Give all your attention to me for two weeks, and enjoy your trip. Ask me questions, you will get an answer. If I don’t have an answer right away, I’ll find out and I’ll let you know. Tell me your expectations and I will try to fulfil everything.’” – Maddy, India

“Be prepared and excited. Try not to believe in Mr. Google.” – Khalid, Morrocco

“Have an open mind. Be flexible. Keep smiling.” – Joseph, Myanmar

“Explore, travel and try new things. Be very open-minded to everything – new cultures, traditions. Get out of your comfort zone. Have the adventurous soul that you need as a traveller.” – Justin, Australia

“Be prepared to absorb where you are and try new foods. Challenge yourself to experience something that you’ve never done before. Do more than what you do in your everyday life. Come with that in your heart.” – Susanne, Australia

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Local leader Susanne

Susanne, Australia

Tips for Brazil

“We Brazilians love to smile and we love to see people smiling. So don’t be shy to show your teeth. The Portuguese language is very different from English, but we have adapted to mimes and try our best to communicate to visitors.” – Pedro, Brazil

Tips for travelling in Japan

“Japanese people are very kind and helpful to people who arrive from overseas. If you are lost, someone will try and help you. Manners here are different from other countries though, so you have to be a bit conscientious and try not to litter, eat on trains or take photos in the really sacred places.” – Silvia, Japan

Tips to avoid altitude sickness

Local leader Manuel

Manuel, Peru

“As tour leaders, we cannot prescribe any medication – it’s not very safe. You should see a doctor before coming to Peru so you can get some medication for altitude sickness. We give advice though – drink lots of water, drink less alcohol and have lighter meals. Also, you must relax. Let us know how you are feeling.” – Manuel, Peru

Tips for surviving the roads in Vietnam

“The traffic is very different in Vietnam – there are almost no rules. A lot of motorbikes and vehicles do not stop for pedestrians.” – Vinh, Vietnam

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