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This is what it looks like to cruise the Canal du Midi

written by Intrepid Travel June 20, 2016

When a 17th century French monarch says ‘Build me a really long canal linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea, a smart engineer says ‘Yes sir, right away.’ And that’s pretty much what happened with France’s Canal du Midi: an engineering wonder created to satisfy the whim of Louis XIV in 1666. It stretches for 241 km through some of the most beautiful countryside in south of France, and is now officially on UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage sites.

And, thanks to us, anyone can now cruise it in style. We’ll set you up with your own house-boat, a fleet of suitably romantic bicycles and a seasoned captain who knows the Canal’s lock system like the back of his hand.

So if you want to know what it looks like to spend a lazy 8 days, cruising from Castelnaudary to Homps and sipping champagne between cheese courses, this is it. Sit back and enjoy.

Want to spend a week in the south of France? Check out our new Canal du Midi small group adventure.

Feature image c/o Damien Raggatt


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