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Be Together: Stories of love found and connections made on the road

written by Intrepid Travel May 17, 2020

To help us all feel a bit closer while we’re physically apart, we’re sharing letters to and from those who made their adventures extra special. Today, we’re celebrating romantic connections made on the road. #BeTogether

Dear Intrepid,⠀

I met Patrick on a Southeast Asia trip with you in January 2012. He was a fellow traveller who had been recently widowed and I had been a widow for 6 years.⠀

We clicked and stayed in touch by phone and email until September 2012, when he invited me to Canada. I immediately booked a flight and he met me in Vancouver. As he lives a five-hour drive from Vancouver, we decided to stay overnight in a motel. The conversation was as follows:⠀

“Two rooms or one?” I asked.⠀
“One” he said without hesitation, followed by “two beds or one?”⠀
I replied “one”.⠀

I have never seen a 71-year-old man run so fast to reception to book the room. And what followed, dear travellers, is up to your imagination!⠀

Since then, we have travelled back and forth between Australia and Canada. And to places in between, including a trip to Egypt and Jordan with you, Intrepid.⠀

We have not stopped laughing, having fun and Skyping in between catch-ups.⠀

The coronavirus has us stuck in our own countries. Maybe a decision has to be made… do I move to Canada or does he move here?! What do you think?⠀

Maree and Patrick

Dear Intrepid,

I’m Canadian and my Aussie boyfriend spends summers with me and I spend summers with him; the rest of the year we’re with you, Intrepid. This year we would have been in Central America in June and Turkey in August.

Last Sept and Oct had an absolutely wonderful time with Sofia, our guide. She effortlessly glided us through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. She even helped us in Mexico City, when we were back on our own.

My guy had never heard about “Adventure Travel” and now he’s hooked. He’s climbed dunes in the Sahara and a volcano in Guatemala… can’t stop him.

Did I mention we’re seniors? Ha! Ha!


Dear Intrepid,

About 2.5 years ago I travelled to Bali alone for a trip to celebrate finishing my university degree. I met some wonderful friends immediately but within a two weeks of arriving, I met Robbie at the same hostel we were staying at. He was from England and also away travelling for a few months. We stayed together for the next 4 days before I left to another island. We spent the two days apart messaging each other the entire time until we got back together for another week before he left for the Philippines and I went back to Canada.

We kept in touch through video calls, sending surprises through the mail and a couple of visits back and forth between Canada and England. In just under a year after meeting, I sold my belongings and moved to England where we have been together every day since.

We are lucky enough to #betogether during this lockdown, planning our next getaway.


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