Why Morocco is an underrated active hotspot

written by Gemma Music March 9, 2023

Everything you’d expect to find in Morocco, you’ll find. Colourful carpets, spices galore, friendly faces, the whole lot.

Before my first trip there, I had a very clear picture in my head of how it would feel to travel there, what the food would taste like and what experiences I would find. The good news is that Morocco not only lived up to my expectations; it went above and beyond. The one thing I didn’t account for though, is that this seemingly magical and exotic destination is, in fact, an underrated active hotspot. Call me naïve, but I was too busy dreaming about digging a fork into my first tajine or laying eyes on the Sahara to think about incorporating movement or wellness into my travels.

If you’re a lover of all-things active, these are the experiences you need to add to your itinerary.

A clusters of umbrellas and market stills in Marrakech.

Get lost in the markets of Marrakech. Photo by Ryan Bolton.

Learn to surf and unwind with a yoga class in Taghazout

In Taghazout, you won’t be hard pressed to find some of the best Moroccan beaches that will also cater to your surfing ability. Each beach here offers their own set of unique waves, and this sleepy coastal town is fast building a reputation as one of the premier surf spots that please both beginners and pro surfers. To get the full experience, a surf camp is the best way to learn something new, improve your skills and meet a few people along the way.

Once you’ve dragged yourself in from the waves, stretch out your sore muscles with a yoga class and find your spiritual side. When you’re overlooking some of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world during your practice, it’s hard not to feel instantly relaxed.

Person an a beach in the distance overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

With views like this, you’ll never want to leave. By The Visual Explorer/Shutterstock.

Hike in the Atlas Mountains

A hike to the summit of North Africa’s highest peak, Mt Toubkal is where you’ll find an all-access-pass to some of the best views on earth. If you want to feed your adventurous or active side, a trek along the rocky mountain paths that zigzag alongside forested slopes, while mingling with the Berbers, is the best way to go about it.

On the other hand, if a summit hike doesn’t capture your interest, on the Best of Morocco trip, you’ll spend time at the remote and peaceful village of Aroumd. There’s plenty of less-intense hiking trails here and you’ll still be treated to views that stretch across the High Atlas Mountains.

People hiking up a trail in the Altas mountains,

Trekking in the Altas Mountains will get your pulse racing.


Take a dip in Sidi Ifni, where the ocean meets the mountains

In the southwest corner of Morocco lies Sidi Ifni, a laid-back destination where the beaches are equally as impressive as the town itself. During the day, spend time in the city and take in the Spanish art deco vibes to understand why it’s considered to be one of Morocco’s best-kept secrets. But when it comes time for a swim, a visit to Legzira Beach is a must. Here, you’ll find the red, years-old rock archway that stands tall on the water’s edge. At low tide, you can walk under the arch or go for an invigorating swim in the Atlantic.

Person standing under a stone archway.

Swim or walk under this impressive archway. Photo by Mikadun/Shutterstock.

Break a sweat at Djemaa el Fna

Right, so this one might be a bit of a stretch. Hear us out though. A trek through the tangled backstreets that weave around the main square – and Marrakech’s largest outdoor food market – is nothing short of sweat inducing. Clock up a few thousand steps as you roam past all the market stores selling their goods, then find somewhere to sit back, grab some Moroccan delicacies to try, rub shoulders with locals and take it all in.

A man pouring tea and local treats for travellers in Marrakesh.

Take a break from exploring, and sit back to enjoy some Moroccan treats. Photo by Erica Kritikides.

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