What a family trip to Morocco is really like, according to two kids

written by Intrepid Travel August 14, 2018
A family and their tour leader in Morocco

Rosa (12) and Jack (14) have seen more of the world than most adults. The siblings, from Bath in England, have travelled to Mauritius, Bali, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Andorra, Portugal, Spain, Malta and Ireland, and they’ve just added Morocco to the list.

In June, with their parents and two other families, Rosa and Jack travelled on Intrepid’s 8-day Morocco Family Holiday. Here’s what they had to say about it.

How did it feel when your parents told you that you were going to Morocco?

A group of families in Morocco

Cheeeeeeese 🙂

Rosa: When mum and dad told me we were going to Morocco, I was super excited and happy. They said we’d be doing lots of different things, like hiking in the Atlas Mountains and exploring the souks (markets) in Marrakech, and that there’d be other families coming along with us.

Jack: Very excited! We were told we’d be doing a bunch of fun activities, seeing the picturesque landscapes, and learning about Morocco’s amazing culture.


What was it like travelling with other kids?

Five kids eating ice cream in Morocco

Ice blocks are ALWAYS a good idea

Rosa: Well, it was great fun travelling with other kids because they became like best friends. We would sit together on the bus, play together in the pool, and talk about the same things. I enjoyed hanging out with my parents too.

Jack: It was much more fun, since we had the same interests and got to share experiences together. But personally the best part was travelling with my sister and my Mum and Dad. At home, they are always in a somewhat stressed mood – it was nice to see them have fun and relax with their new friends. Rosa is much different, since she’s at gym mostly. But on this trip she’s more energetic and fun to be around. I feel like I got to see my family in a new light in Morocco!


What was it like when you arrived in Marrakech?

Moroccan cooking class

Cooking up a storm.

Jack: The first thing that struck me was the humidity. It was like a wave of warm wind just wrapped around me like a blanket! The smell of spices hung fresh in the air, talking erupted from the markets, I heard laughter, singing and music that I didn’t know existed. It was so different to England!

Rosa: When I’m travelling outside of Europe, I always smell humidity and it becomes my favourite smell. I saw so many palm trees which reminds me that I’m somewhere exciting. The roads were much busier and everyone drove on the right side of the road.


You travelled around Morocco with a local leader. Tell us a bit about him.

Two kids and their tour guide in Morocco

Exploring Essaouira.

Rosa: Tareq, our leader, was absolutely incredible. He was the kindest man I have ever met and his jokes always made everyone laugh. It was Ramadan at the time, so he couldn’t eat or drink during daylight hours, and he did fabulous because he still joined in with all our hikes and activities. Because of him I will remember this holiday for my whole life!

Jack: Saying that our leader was amazing is an understatement. He was the happiest man alive, and always had a smile on his face. His knowledge of Morocco was almost inhuman! There was never an opportunity where he wouldn’t tell us a cheesy (but funny) joke, and his laugh was the best! Even though he was doing Ramadan and was probably tired, he had a really upbeat personality; he’s the strongest-willed man ever.


What surprised you most about Morocco?

A cat in Marrakech.

Meeting a new friend in the market.

Rosa and Jack: The cats.

Jack: They were everywhere! From newborn kittens, to cats that are probably two hundred years old (haha).

Rosa: Most of them were really friendly, maybe because they hardly got any attention. One day, we all went out to lunch in Essaouira, a seaside town. There were about seven cats and kittens standing at our feet, waiting for us to give them some of our chips. They were really cute and we wanted to feed them but, of course, we couldn’t.

How was it spending eight solid days with your parents?

A family playing instruments in the market

Should we start a band?

Jack: It was fun! My parents behaved a lot more energetic and were funnier (not that they weren’t funny before).

Rosa: My parents are so fun on holiday and they keep me entertained; at home we are all very busy and only really get together on a Sunday. Jack is really fun to hang out with as well. I love my family and it is always better to spend time with them on holiday.


What advice would you give other kids travelling to Morocco?

Rosa: In certain places, it can get a little breezy, so I would recommend bringing a couple things to keep you warm.  I would avoid stroking the baby kittens because they can often carry diseases. In some places, girls and women might need to cover their shoulders.

Jack: Pack some tracksuits or jeans since it actually gets pretty cold. But in the day it’s boiling, so bring shorts and t-shirts too.

Why do you think travel is important?

A girl does a flip in Morocco

Just a casual flip from Rosa!

Jack: I think it makes you braver. You’re trying lots of new things and exploring different places. It also makes you appreciate the world.

Rosa: Travelling gives you new opportunities and choices you’ve never had before. It’s like I have discovered a new part of life. It also gives you a new perspective on things.

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