What to pack for a sailing adventure in Croatia

written by Mark Hewitt April 3, 2018
Boats and swimmers on beach in Brac, Croatia

Croatia is right up there with Europe’s finest places for holidaying on a boat.

It’s got a calm Mediterranean-type climate, sun-kissed blue-water scenes to rival the Greek Islands, and more UNESCO-listed treasures than stamps on David Attenborough’s passport. Actually it was one of the first places Intrepid ever went sailing (Southern Thailand was the first).

Sounds easy-breezy, but that doesn’t mean you can pack for a Croatia trip the night before with whatever’s lying around. Even paradise requires some preparation.

Sailing boat in Croatia

Setting sail. Photo by Robin Kersten

Other than the golden rule of *pack light* (and don’t forget your swimsuit), here’s what to bring on a sailing adventure in Croatia:


  • A small bag
    Space will be limited. This is the Harmony 52, not the Titanic. So avoid heavy hard-case bags and bring something smaller and lighter instead.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
    Summer in Croatia means lots and lots of sun, so these two are a must. It may be tempting to buy lighter sunscreen, but water-resistant stuff is best – don’t underestimate how much time you’ll spend out in the water. Biodegradable is better still (it all ends up in the same place when it washes off).
  • A hat
    As well as giving off that celebrity-on-holidays vibe, a baseball cap will do your face wonders. Better yet, go wide-brim for full protection. The climate is calm, but wind is still a thing.
  • A reusable drink bottle
    There’s filtered water available on board, so instead of plastic bottles bring a reusable one. Tap water is perfectly drinkable in Croatia, which is good to know when you’re on land.
  • A beach towel
    Beach towels aren’t supplied on the trip, so don’t forget one. Smaller is better though, to keep that bag size down (space on board is limited).


Hidden cove in Brac, Croatia

Brac, Croatia. Photo by xbrchx


  • Music and books
    Whether it’s a last-minute Spotify grab on airport WiFi or a book you’ve got ten pages left to read, bungling this one is never fun. Make your selections early. There will be plenty of time to relax and zone out.
  • Sandals/jandals/thongs/flipflops
    Whatever you call them. Aussies, just don’t say ‘thongs’ in front of the North Americans when you mean something else.
  • Lip balm
    Even if it’s not your go-to, take some anyway. Wind burn can strike at the best of times. And there will be plenty of good times.
  • Rash vest
    These are a blessing for swimming and snorkelling. It’s another thing that’ll make you worry less about getting burnt or chafed and simply focus on the task at hand – lolling about in paradise.
  • Medication
    Seasickness tablets are handy if you’re prone to losing your sea legs – chat to your GP before you leave. There won’t be a doctor on board, so bring along any day-to-day medical items you think you might need too.
  • Day pack and dry bag
    It’s never good to have to schlep your whole bag of stuff around on shore, dry and wet mixed in. Avoid plastic bags and separate stuff with a day pack and dry bag instead.
  • Something warm to wear
    Croatia can still get chilly at night and in the early morning, even in the warmer months (May–September). A fleece or some warmer layers might save the day.
  • Insect repellent
    Don’t let bugs dampen the mood when it’s time for your evening rakija on ice. While it’s not as bad as the tropics, the Dalmatian coast has its fair share of mosquitoes.


Travellers touring Korcula, Croatia

Exploring Korcula. Photo by Philippa Wishaw


  • Portable USB charger
    For the all-too-necessary (if only for its camera) mobile telephone, consider investing in a portable power pack for charging USB devices.
  • Nice clothes
    Just one set. While a barbecue on deck with the Adriatic for a backdrop may be as fancy as things get, it’s good to have something nice on hand for a possible dinner on shore. White linen shirts are a winner – smart and good in the heat.
  • Pegs
    Very handy for airing things out. Very easy to forget.
  • Earplugs
    You won’t be travelling overnight, so the engine noise is not so much an issue. But if you want to retire early one night and lower everyone else’s voices, you’ll be glad for them.
  • Underwater camera
    These are loads of fun, if a little bulky sometimes. See how you’re going for space.


Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia. Photo by xbrchx

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