6 of the best things to do in Albany

written by Intrepid Travel November 3, 2021
Natural Bridge at Torndirrup National Park

Albany is a charming coastal town and Western Australia’s oldest European settlement.

It was created in 1826 as the first settlement for new arrivals from across the seas in Europe. The town went from strength to strength, originally due to a gold rush and these days thanks to mining and tourism. Dotted throughout the town centre you’ll find beautifully restored early era buildings, with many having their own captivating story of Albany’s early settlement. Taking pride of place along the harbour front is the Brig ‘Amity’, a replica of the ship which brought the first convicts and settlers to Albany. There are plenty of other things to do in Albany as well, with experiences ranging from rediscovering the past at the National Anzac Centre to browsing Albany’s markets, tasting epicurean delights on an Albany day tour, or visiting Torndirrup National Park.

Whale watching in Albany

Whale breaching

Get up close and personal with one of the world’s most gentle sea creatures when you join a whale watching cruise in Albany from late May to early October. Seeing these incredible animals slapping their tails and leaping out of the water is a memorable wildlife experience.

Great Southern Distilling Company

Whiskey tasting

Don’t miss the sampling session available at the tasting room at the Great Southern Distillery Company, on the edge of Princess Royal Harbour. There is also a distillery tour that takes you through the delicate process of producing highly refined spirits in traditional copper pot stills.

Visit Middleton Beach

Explore Middleton Beach in Albany which is sheltered from large waves by the islands and headlands of King George Sound, making it the perfect spot for both swimming and snorkelling. If you want a perfect picture-postcard beach photo, Middleton Beach is where you’ll find it.

Middleton Beach in Albany

Chill out and relax

Visit a local wellness centre with your guide for a special Gong Relaxation Session. The next hour is meditative bliss – connect to your inner self as vibrational tones of the Gong, calming sandalwood oil and meditation combine for a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Gong meditation

Torndirrup National Park

Natural Bridge at Torndirrup National Park

The southern coast of Western Australia near Albany has plenty of natural beauty and a stunning yet unforgiving rocky coastline. Visit Torndirrup National Park with your guide and discover the spectacular rugged coastal features known as The Gap and Natural Bridge.

Visit the National Anzac Centre

The National Anzac Centre is dedicated to the men and women of the ANZAC force. Allow half a day to explore the engaging multimedia and interactive technology exhibits and visit Albany Park and the restored gun emplacements, and Princess Royal Fortress Military museum.

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