What makes a small group tour better than a coach tour? 

The main difference between a small group tour and a coach tour is the size of the group; our tours have 10 travellers each (on average) while coaches can hold up to 60 people. This means that you'll never have to vie for your leader's attention on a small group tour because you'll automatically have it.

If that's not enough to sway you, our small group adventures get you off the road and into the heart of each destination you visit, so you don't have to spend hours of your precious holiday time sitting down listening to your tour guide. You can also say goodbye to wasting time shuffling on and off the coach and hello to getting restaurant recommendations straight from your leader as you take exploration matters into your own hands during plenty of free time. 

But you don't have to take our word for it, keep reading and decide for yourself. 

What is small group travel with Intrepid? 

Whether it's the jungles of Costa Rica or Croatia's cobblestoned cities, stepping out of your cultural comfort zone and travelling to a new country is a big decision. And you want to make sure you're crossing all your t's and dotting all your i's before you begin your adventure. That's where we come in. Over the past three and a bit decades, we've cultivated over 1000 trips in a range of themes and styles for those curious enough to want to see the world.

Yes, our trips hit the highlights – think the Taj Mahal in India, the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy and the Grand Canyon in Arizona –  but they're about more than that. Our expert leaders take you behind the scenes of each country you visit so you won't just see a destination – you'll live it. From enjoying local experiences you won't find on Google and giving back to the countries you visit via community-led initiatives to making new friends you'll stay in touch with long after your adventure is over, our trips are all about connection; connection to the place, connection to the people and connection to the planet. 


Our small group tours use a range of transport options from tuk tuks in Thailand and ferries in Turkey to overnight trains in Vietnam, options that wouldn't be possible with the size of a coach tour. Not only does this allow you to explore different sides of each country, but it also gives you the opportunity to travel like a local without the organisational stress of having to do it on your own. 

Authentic experiences

Some things just aren't possible with a tour of 20+ people, like a homestay in Peru or a luxury river cruise down the Nile in Egypt. But our small group tours have been specifically designed to offer you that and more, all with a focus on authentic experiences you won't get anywhere else.  

Flexible itineraries 

One of the best things about embarking on a small group tour is the flexibility you have with the itinerary. Someone wants to stop to take a picture of that rice field? No problem. Someone else wants to stop at this local market for a thirst-quenching refreshment? Sure, why not? With fewer people to wrangle, your leader can make small, impromptu changes to the itinerary based on the group's preference, so you can get the most out of your trip without being held to a strict timeline of activities. 

A group of people on the front of a sailing boat in Turkey

How big are group sizes? 

The size of groups can vary depending on the country and trip theme, but on average, there's usually ten travellers on each trip. We've found that's the perfect number to maintain a healthy social vibe without feeling like you're just another face in the crowd (*cough cough* coach tours).

Our travellers come from all walks of life, but they're united by one common goal – seeing as much of this world as possible. This means you could be sharing your adventure with a bunch of solo travellers, middle-aged couples, pairs of empty nesters or retirees making the most of their new-found freedom. It really is a mixed bag, but chatting to people you'd never have met if not for this trip is half the fun. 

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