Ever since Google Earth took mapping to the next level by street viewing the solar system (yep, they’ve actually done that), it’s easy to feel like everything has already been discovered. But can Google Earth express how you feel in reaching the summit of Borneo’s Mt. Kinabalu? Or what it’s like to become part of a Peruvian street parade? Of course not. Though it may sound cheesy, new experiences in new places make life feel new again. And that’s why travel never goes out of style.

New Active tours

Just a warning: if you need us in 2016, you might not reach us. At any time, we could be pedalling past a thousand-year-old fort in Rajasthan or commandeering a camel through the Thar Desert. We might be crashing through white water rapids or stewing our bones in a thermal pool in Slovenia. If you can’t find us there, try Borneo, where we’ll be cycling through rubber plantations and devouring the local specialty of smoked wild boar in Kg Togop.

Basically, we’ll be getting the blood pumping on one of our awesome new active adventures. Mountain-biking, hiking, sea-kayaking – we’re doing it all. Because, call us greedy, but when it comes to travel, we reckon you should get a big kick out of the journey AND the destination. Gym junkies, be jealous: our workouts have the best views on the planet.


New Sailing tours

Sail away, sail away, sail away… Salty sea dogs (and Enya fans) take note: in 2016 we’re setting sail for new horizons. For the first time in Intrepid’s history, we’ll be dropping anchor in the seldom-sailed seas of Myanmar, island hopping from sunny Sardinia to Corsica and, for those who prefer inland boating to open sea sailing, drifting down France’s Canal du Midi.

Where small group seafaring is usually the reserve of those with sailing skills (or royal lines), our trips come at affordable prices, operate to flexible itineraries and require no sailing knowhow whatsoever. So if meeting the nomadic Moken people of Myanmar, basking beneath the Mediterranean sun or stopping in at rustic French villages for an afternoon aperitif sounds like your kind of calling, you’ve found just the crew.


Trip Name Days From GBP
Sardinia & Corsica Sailing Adventure



Myanmar (Burma) Sailing Experience ex Phuket (Comfort)



The Canal du Midi (Castelnaudary to Homps)



The Canal du Midi (Homps to Castelnaudary)



New Festivals tours

Carnivals of colour, culture and hams balanced on poles (thanks Spain), festivals are life in concentrated form. Whether you’re celebrating a patron saint, the middle of winter or the humble moose (cheers Alaska), it’s all about coming together for the biggest party of the season.

This year we’re adding some exciting new acts to our lineup. Gather up your skirts and get ready to shake your tail feather with thousands of costumed dancers at Peru’s Fiesta de la Candelaria. If you like your sculptures frozen and lit up in technicolour, the Harbin Ice Festival in northeast China will send chills up your spine (literally and figuratively). And when Halloween creeps up in October, we’ll lead you through Transylvanian woods right to Dracula’s doorstep.

Trip Name Days From GBP
China Highlights & Harbin Ice Festival



Halloween in Transylvania



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