Integrated Annual Report 2023

At Intrepid, being "the best travel company for the world” is more than just words. It’s a commitment backed up by over 34 years of work. That’s why we openly share our environmental and social performance every year in our Integrated Annual Report.

On this journey you’ll find out how we’ve put our work as a certified B Corp into action, the achievements and challenges of the past 12 months, and how we balance purpose and profit – now and in the future.

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Darre Wade, Chairman and James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid
Darrell Wade, Chair and James Thornton, CEO

“In 2023, we achieved Intrepid’s strongest ever financial performance and best impact results in a year marked by transformation and innovation. The milestones we achieved not only helped our company to reach new heights, but highlighted the incredible potential that still exists within our business. As Intrepid enters its 35th year, our story is still being written and we’re looking to create even more meaningful and purposeful travel in the years ahead.”

Welcome from the chair and CEO

Our Performance

Intrepid team group photo at Global Summit in Melbourne

· Achieved our best-ever people engagement score of 58 eNPS

· Recruited 1,129 new roles across the business

· 708 staff volunteers supported 171 volunteer organisations globally

Travellers walking shrine gates in Fushimi Inari
Brand and know-how

· Launched our largest brand activation ever through Good Trips Only, reaching 280 million people

· Ran our first-ever Diversifying Travel Media Press Trip

· Reached 60,083,034 total users across our social community

Leader explaining nature to travellers in Borneo

· 893 carbon labels introduced on trips

· Developed a decarbonisation roadmap to accelerate our climate action

· Published an open-source emissions modelling guide, How to Calculate Trip Emissions and Develop Carbon Labels

Travellers in South Africa with Black Mambas and leader
Social and relationships

· $4.6 million contributed to communities and charities

· Launched 2 new community-based expedition products in Timor-Leste and Albania

· Offered over 100 First Nations experiences as part of our itineraries globally

Travellers in a tea factory in Sri Lanka

· Reached a 76 NPS score, our best- ever customer engagement result

· 382,211 travellers took trips with us through 114 countries on all seven continents

· Achieved 41% online revenue growth, representing 10,000 more direct customers in real terms

Travellers hiking near Ushuaia in Argentina

· Turned a net loss after tax of $25.9 million in 2022 to a net profit after tax of $21.8 million in 2023 - a $47.7 million turnaround

· Strengthened our balance sheet back to historical levels

· Grew staff shareholders to 421 and declared and paid our first dividend since 2019

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The Intrepid Foundation

The Intrepid Foundation
Together with 50 local partners, our travellers, people and peers raised a record $2.8 million to support a greater number of social and environmental issues than ever before and created global impact.

In 2023, the Intrepid Foundation:

· Raised $2.8 million for 50 total partners

· Attracted 13,240 donors across the world

· Disbursed more than $1.1 million for emergency appeals 

The intrepid Foundation

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