Can you ride a bike without a helmet in Utah?

Utah boasts some of the United States's most incredible cycling routes. If you're wondering if you can ride without a helmet in Utah, the short answer is yes. Currently, there are no state laws for wearing a bicycle helmet in Utah – for both minors and adults. However, not wearing one comes with a wide array of risks and you will be much better off wearing one. Bike accidents are a big issue in Utah and wearing a helmet will make a huge difference if you're involved in an accident. Helmets help prevent fatalities and protect your head from head injuries if you fall or get knocked off your bike. As the old adage goes, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Wearing a helmet is mandatory on all Intrepid cycling tours. If you have one already, great. But if you need to buy one, make sure you go to a bicycle shop where the shop assistants can help you find the right helmet for your head as helmets are most effective when they fit properly. The helmet should cover your forehead and it should feel snug, but not tight. 

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