Will my mobile phone work in Italy?

Mobile/cellphone coverage is generally good in Italy, especially throughout the main tourist centres like Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Bari. Most service providers have good 4G coverage in the main cities as well as the countryside, however coverage in the Alps to the north, rural areas to the south and some parts of Sicily may be patchy at times.

Buying a SIM card in Italy

Your best (and often cheapest) option is to purchase a local SIM card when arriving in Italy if your phone is compatible and unlocked. TIM, Wind Tre, Vodafone and Iliad all offer ‘prepagato’ (prepaid) SIM cards and have stores in most cities and towns around the country. Vodafone Italia is known to have the best coverage. You will need your passport or another recognised form of ID to purchase a SIM card, as Italian law requires all SIMs to be registered.

There is always the option to activate global roaming with your current phone plan before leaving home. It is recommended to check these charges before you leave home, as this option can often be highly expensive. If your service provider offers a global roaming plan of a set price per day, this is often much cheaper than pay-as-you-go roaming coverage.

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