What is the best month to cross the Drake Passage?

When can I cross the Drake Passage?

There is no specific 'best month' to cross the Drake Passage but there is a 'best season' and that's summer. The weather during summer tends to lend itself to calmer conditions as high pressures from the southern hemisphere move further south. Having said this, the weather during summer can still be unpredictable and you may still encounter rough conditions so it's essentially the luck of the draw. 

Crossing the Drake Passage in summer

While summer is theoretically the best season to cross the Drake Passage, you won't be guaranteed calm weather during your journey. Weather patterns usually run for several days so it's entirely possible to get a rough crossing on your way to Antarctica and a rough crossing on your way home. The positive in that is that the same can be said for calmer weather. Fingers crossed you experience the latter. 

However, technology has come a long way since the days of the first expeditions to the region and captains can now use specific data around timing and routing to avoid the worst of the weather. The crew on any Ocean Endeavour cruise also does a great job of navigating the volatile waters (if the weather conditions are bad) to ensure you still reach your destination in Antarctica on schedule. 

Will I get seasick crossing the Drake Passage?

Whether you get seasick crossing the Drake Passage largely depends on whether you usually get seasick during other water crossings. If you know you're prone to getting seasick, it's best to take the appropriate medication in anticipation of your crossing (usually once the ship sets sail). Continue taking this medication until the ship has reached its final destination.

If you haven't spent extended periods of time on a boat in open water and don't know whether you'll get sick, it's best to play it safe and carry seasickness medication with you anyway because although crossing the Drake Passage will only take you around 48 hours (36 hours if the weather is good), that's still a long time to be stuck with your head in a toilet bowl. 

Please seek the advice of a medical professional before trying out any new medication. 

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