Weather in San Francisco

San Francisco in the United States is a beautiful city to visit as it has a modern maritime climate that features mild weather all year round. These measured temperatures mean that winter in San Francisco is quite mild and summer doesn't get all that hot, with expected rainfall in the months of June, July, and August extremely low. This is due to the city's close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, with cold seawater running through the bay. 

When is the best time to travel to San Francisco? 

You can really travel to San Francisco at any time of the year due to the city's mild weather in any season, however, if you wanted to avoid the crowds that usually appear in the summer months then Fall is the best time to visit. The months of September to November feature some of the warmest temperatures the city will see all year with very little rain. 

If fall doesn't work for you then you can also go in spring as the city can expect the same mild temperatures and lack of rain. Despite the mild temperatures, it's still recommended that you bring sunscreen with you and apply it before you go outside as the sun's UV rays can still be quite high. You should also make sure you have enough sweaters and colder weather clothes with you as the nights can get a bit chilly. 

Does it ever snow in San Francisco? 

It is extremely hard for snow to accumulate in San Francisco as the temperatures often found there aren't cold enough to produce it. While snow can build up in other regions of California that neighbour the city, it is very rare in San Francisco. 

This is mainly due to the city's close proximity to the Pacific Ocean as it warms up any moisture in the air. Coupled with the warmer temperatures, it is impossible for snow to form. 

What's the temperature like in San Francisco? 

As previously stated, the temperature in San Francisco throughout the year is quite mild. Below are the average temperatures expected in San Francisco grouped into the seasons. 




March to May



June to August



September to November



December to February




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