Sense of Belonging

Sense of belonging

At Intrepid Travel,

  • Our social media communities (internally and externally) will be a place to celebrate diversity of perspective, experience and opinion.
  • Our social media moderators and marketers will act with integrity and respect in creating a safe and inclusive online community.
  • Our community will be governed by clear global community guidelines, with a zero-tolerance policy for behaviour that is hateful and knowingly spreads misinformation. These guidelines will be made accessible to the public.

Global Community Guidelines

Our online community (specifically on social media) is governed by our Global Community Guidelines

We believe that travel is for everybody and when it comes to our online community, we want to create a safe and inclusive space. In order to do that, we kindly ask that everyone abide by the following guidelines when engaging on our blog comments, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and other online platforms:

  • Be respectful in your conversations with us and the community (it’s okay to disagree).

  • Be curious and open to new ideas (ask questions and share your knowledge).

  • Be tolerant (especially when others’ ideas are different to your own).

  • Protect yours and others' privacy (don’t post your mobile number or refer to our staff by their full name).

  • Show integrity (don’t lie about your experiences).

  • Talk to us (let us know when other people aren’t abiding by these guidelines and report them if they go against the social media website's rules).

  • Don’t encourage illegal or unethical behaviour (both on a trip and on our channels).

  • Don’t make racial, cultural or political slurs (don’t be the person no one wants to meet on their small group adventure).

We will not engage in dialogue that perpetuates misinformation, spreads falsehoods, is repetitive or pestering in nature (“spamming”) and malicious. Community members who post and act as such will have their posts removed to maintain the integrity of our online community. Further behavior that is disrespectful and detrimental to our customers and community will not be tolerated, and users will be blocked at our discretion.

Please help us make our online community a safe, inclusive and inspiring space!

We’d love your feedback. You can message us at