Weather in the Bay of Islands

The weather in the Bay of Islands is relatively nice all year with the region unlikely to experience extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Generally, the temperatures stay mild despite the changing seasons. This makes the Bay of Islands a perfect destination to travel to year-round. 

What's the climate of the Bay of Islands?

The climate in the Bay of Islands is considered to be subtropical with generally good weather all year round. The weather in the Bay of Islands follows that of the larger North Island with warmer temperatures and more sunny days than that of the South Island.

However, heavy rainfall during the winter months is still expected and at times can be harsh. Having said that, the weather in the Bay of Islands isn't likely to get extreme with summer temperatures averaging around 20°C-24°C and winter temperatures averaging 16°C. 

What's the weather like in winter?

One of the best things about the Bay of Islands weather is that it never gets extremely cold, even in winter. While frosts can occasionally occur, they're definitely not expected with temperatures still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming and other water-based activities. As previously mentioned, heavy rainfall during winter can sometimes be severe but the temperatures aren't likely to be that cold. 

When's the best time to visit the Bay of Islands?

Due to the Bay of Islands' generally favourable weather all year round, there's no best time to visit the region. If you don't want to travel during the peak season, then visiting the Bay of Islands in autumn is a good choice. The temperature is still fairly warm with an average of around 16°C but can be as high as 21°C or as low as 11°C. In autumn, the region still sees many sunny days so you'll still have plenty of good weather to explore the many outdoor activities available and to witness nature changing colour from the green of summer to the reds, oranges, and browns of Autumn. 

Spring is also a good time to visit the Bay of Islands as nature comes to life. Known to be quite magical, the months of September, October and November see various plants and flowers bloom with mesmerising colours you'll want to stare at for as long as possible. The weather is also reasonably good with an average temperature of 15°C. The region does experience some light showers during spring with 11 days of rainfall recorded on average throughout the season. 

Average temperatures in the Bay of Islands


Average high

Average low

March to May



June to August



September to November



December to February



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