With famed national parks and iconic natural landscapes, it’s easy to forget there’s a world outside this wondrous region. 

Escape from the sights and sounds of everyday life and into the Canadian Rockies - a frozen wonderland full of awe-inspiring landmarks and untouched wilderness right here in Canada. Set out on extraordinary escapades past rocky mountain peaks, across sparkling turquoise lakes, and through alpine forests on our Canadian Rockies tours, and let this exceptional part of the world fill up your mind with memories to last a lifetime. From cycling, hiking, and camping out under the stars to traversing the unforgettable terrain in comfort, there are a million ways to explore this Narnia-like destination. All you have to do is step through the wardrobe. 

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Things to do in the Canadian Rockies 

A road leading to the snowcapped mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies

Drive through the Icefields Parkway

It’s highly unusual to be just as excited about the journey to the destination as you are for the destination itself, but the Icefields Parkway is different. Spanning 232 kilometres (144 miles) between Jasper and Banff national parks, this remarkable driving route takes you under mountaintops full of jagged peaks, past ancient glaciers made for postcards, and through incredible national parks you’ll want to stop and explore.  

A bear cub standing in the green wilderness of the Canadian Rockies

Do some serious wildlife spotting

When journeying through the Rockies, fascinating natural landmarks and formations aren’t the only things you should keep your eye out for. Tens of thousands of animal species call the Canadian Rockies their home including bighorn sheep, moose, the bald eagle, beavers, and grizzly bears (just to name a few). Spot them grazing on grass, scurrying through the forest floor, or soaring through the clear skies in search of some feathery friends. 

A group of travellers looking out over the clear waters of Lake Louise

Marvel at the crystal-clear Lake Louise

Chances are you’ll have already seen photos of the stunning Lake Louise long before you ever set sight on its glacial surface and captivating colour - it’s simply that iconic. With a rich turquoise hue you could easily get lost in and a peaceful atmosphere that’ll instantly calm your soul, this mesmerising lake was not only made to be seen and appreciated but also enjoyed (think kayaking across it in summer and skating across it in winter). 

A green park in Calgary with the city skyline in the background on a clear day

Wander the bustling streets of Calgary

Calgary might be the gateway to Banff National Park, but it’s also known for its historical landmarks, craft breweries, and an array of cultural shows and events that make this sunny city a must-visit on any Canadian Rockies tour. Surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites, this city exudes a welcoming energy and won’t hesitate to capture your heart with its trendy restaurants, exciting attractions, and friendly inhabitants. 

The green colours of the Northern Lights in the night sky over Calgary in Alberta, Canada

Spot the dancing Northern Lights

Witnessing the ethereal and otherworldly Northern Lights for the first time is something you’ll never forget, and you might be surprised to find out you don’t have to travel to Europe to see them. There are multiple spots in Canada – Banff National Park and Jasper National Park just to name a few - where they’re on full display when the sun goes down and the stars come out. Just pick a spot, camp out, and watch as the celestial magic lights up the night sky. 

A group of travellers snowshoeing through the icy landscape on a clear, blue day

Go snowshoeing in Banff National Park

With a fluffy layer of snow coating the landscape of Banff National Park come December, strapping on a pair of snowshoes and exploring the quiet, white wilderness just makes sense. Follow your professional guide as you slowly make your way along forested trails flanked by snow-laden trees and revel in the peace that comes with the absence of modern-day sounds (and the knowledge there’s hot cocoa with your name on it at the end of your icy adventure).  

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Canadian Rockies FAQs

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travellers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travellers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

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There are a few ways you can get to the Canadian Rockies depending on where you're travelling from. The easiest (and quickest) way to get to the Rockies is to fly into Calgary, the closest airport to Banff National Park. You can hire a car at the airport that'll easily take you straight into the park and surrounding areas. You can also opt to embark on an epic road trip from your starting destination to the Canadian Rockies as driving is the best way to get around once you're there.  

The best way to get around the Canadian Rockies is to drive. If you've flown into Calgary Airport (the closest airport to Banff National Park) then you can hire a vehicle from several car rental companies and continue your journey into the Rockies, giving yourself the freedom to stop along the way and the flexibility to see and do as much as you want. However, you can also catch public transportation to various locations within the Rockies via the Greyhound bus network or the Brewster bus system. 

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The best time to visit the Canadian Rockies largely depends on what kind of holiday you want to have, with the summer season better for kayaking, swimming, and other outdoor activities, and the winter season better for ice skating, dog sledding, and other snow-related activities. The peak season to visit the Canadian Rockies are the months of June, July, and August (summer) because the weather is at its warmest, however, this also means accommodation is more expensive and the crowds are larger. Try going in the 'shoulder' months such as April and May or September and October. 

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Packing for a trip to the Canadian Rockies is similar to that of packing for a trip anywhere but what you pack largely depends on the time of year you're travelling in. If you're going in winter, be sure to pack appropriate weather clothing such as gloves, beanies, waterproof jackets, long pants etc. If you're travelling in summer, make sure to pack sunscreen, a sunhat, t-shirts, dresses, and shorts. You should also pack the essentials: a camera, a reusable drink bottle, and a backpack/day bag. 

Intrepid is committed to making travel widely accessible, regardless of ability or disability. That’s why we do our best to help as many people see the world as possible, regardless of any physical or mental limitations they might have. We’re always happy to talk to travellers with disabilities and see if we can help guide them towards the most suitable itinerary for their needs and where possible, make reasonable adjustments to our itineraries.

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