Most travellers head to Antarctica for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of getting up close to some of the natural world’s most unique and striking wildlife. If you choose to go kayaking through the ice-clogged waters of the Antarctic, you’ll have the chance to paddle around the edge of glaciers or past icebergs of white, green and blue.

And what better way to see seals and penguins hunting in the icy water or even a humpback whale breaching high in the air than kayaking at the same level as them?

Is sea kayaking for you?

If you’re looking for a unique and intimate way to experience Antarctica, Sea Kayaking is for you. An adventurous attitude is a must, and it’s important to understand that conditions play an important role with this excursion. While kayaking occurs only when the sea is calm, a good level of experience and fitness is a requirement as conditions can change quickly - we are in Antarctica after all. Even if your experience is limited, we’d encourage you to speak to your booking agent to discuss your suitability as there is often ample time to gain the experience you need before you depart.

What to expect

For a kayaking excursion, you’ll be split into small groups and get into Zodiacs (with the kayaks being brought behind you). Each kayaking expedition generally runs for between two and four hours, depending on the weather. The weather will also impact the number of kayaking opportunities you will have throughout the voyage. It’s essential you have some previous experience kayaking, so you are comfortable doing a wet exit.

Booking in advance

Kayaking can be booked up until the beginning of your trip, but places are limited so we recommend booking sooner rather than later. Simply ask our team when you book and they’ll be able to assist you.

Group capacity and kayak information

Each group excursion involves up to 16 travellers. The kayaks are chosen for their stability and the brands we use vary depending on which ship you are travelling on.

Clothing and equipment

All equipment, guides and a dry suit are provided for every traveller who has booked kayaking. If you bring your own suit, it must be checked by the kayaking guide before the activity begins to ensure it is safe. You will be guided as to what to wear under your dry suit before the first excursion.

Safety precautions

You will be guided by a minimum of one cold-water kayak instructor per group and a safety Zodiac will always be close by. All kayakers will be provided with detailed information before the first excursion and will need to carefully follow their guide’s instructions. For your own safety, you will need to verify that your travel and medical insurance covers kayaking and sign a waiver before embarking. The minimum age for participants is 16 years.

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