India has a reputation for the exotic, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a land where moonlit Rajasthani deserts give way to white Goan beaches, bustling camel markets and highland tea plantations. Where Bengal tigers prowl the jungle, sacred cattle roam the streets and sunset comes with the scent of cloves and cardamom. Join us on a journey into the most colourful country on earth. You might be surprised by what you find there.

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Departing Days From CHF
1 Jan 2018
Classic South India
15 FR2,550
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2 Jan 2018
Northern India Family Holiday Comfort
10 FR1,355
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4 Jan 2018
Unforgettable India
15 FR1,515
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5 Jan 2018
South India Revealed
16 FR1,150
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5 Jan 2018
Southern India
15 FR1,510
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5 Jan 2018
India South & North
29 FR2,865
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7 Jan 2018
Classic Rajasthan
15 FR1,445
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7 Jan 2018
India Family Holiday
14 FR2,180
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10 Jan 2018
Indian Getaway
11 FR700
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10 Jan 2018
North India Revealed
22 FR1,285
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28 Jan 2018
Cycle Kerala and Goa
15 FR2,235
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29 Jan 2018
Rajasthan Experience
15 FR2,410
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