Encounter the stunningly diverse landscapes and tribes of Ethiopia

Often overlooked, Ethiopia’s spectacular nature reserves and diverse tribal communities are ripe for exploration. Go off the beaten track and visit remote tribes in the Omo Valley, or take to the high road in search of Ethiopian wolves in the Bales Mountain range. Spot crocodiles lazing on the shores of Lake Chamo and explore the five islands of Lake Ziway. This is a raw and immersive journey into the hidden heart of Ethiopia.

• Omo Valley taken out of itinerary
• 3 nights in Harar added
• 1 night in Awash National Park Added
• 2 nights in Wendo Genet taken out and replaced with 2 nights in Awassa

Arba Minch, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Overland, Wildlife
Physical rating
Min 18
Group size
Min 6, Max 22

Why you'll love this trip

  • Meet friendly tribespeople in the Omo Valley and learn about the many different tribal identities in the region.

  • Visit the Awassa Children's Project and see how donations get put to good use.

  • Look for the elusive Simien red fox in Bale Mountains National Park and climb the summit of Tulu Dimtu for spectacular views.

Is this trip right for you?

  • Travel from each destination to the next on one of Dragoman's purpose-built trucks, this is an overland adventure! There are some long travel days, venturing away from cities and into remote areas, but the rewards are immeasurable.

  • Dragoman overland journeys are designed to offer freedom, and many of our routes have a degree of flexibility depending on the destination.

  • Dragoman uses a broad range of accommodation on our trips from good hotels, basic hostels, family-run guesthouses, well-equipped campsites, local family homestays, or wild camping in more remote areas. Note: some routes are non-camping routes, depending on the nature of the destination. Please see the day to day itinerary for more detailed information about accommodation on the trip.

  • On a Dragoman overland trip you're more than just a passenger - you're part of the team! Everyone on the journey will get involved to help with setting up camp, pitching tents, shopping for food, and cooking. The more you put it the more you get out!


Border Information: If you are joining in Arba Minch, you will most
likely enter Ethiopia at Arba Minch Airport (IATA code: AMH).
Welcome to Ethiopia! Today is the arrival day for those joining in Arba
Minch, and will be a free day to explore the town.
There will be an important meeting with your crew at 6:00pm today.
Look out for a note from them at the hotel reception letting you know
where to meet.
In Arba Minch we will stay in a basic local hotel.
Hotel for the night: Zebib Pension
Zebib Pension
Arba Minch
Tel - +251 4688 14788

Activity Approximate Cost
Hire bicycles to explore the stunning surrounds of Arba Minch ETB 200
Boat trip on Lake Chamo to see the crocodile 'market' ETB 450
Visit the fascinating village of Chincha to learn all about the culture of the Dorze people ETB 100
  • Hotel (1 night)
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.
Today we have time for optional activities such as taking an optional
boat trip on Lake Chamo to the view the crocodiles that reside
there (known locally as the crocodile market) or to take bike rides
around the city.
  • Lodge (1 night)
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.
Today we will head north to the small town of Awassa, where we can
visit the local fish market.
After our visit we will head to Wendo Genet, a small town in the hills
above Awassa, where we will stay for the night.
Estimated Drive Time - 4-6 hours.

Activity Approximate Cost
Relax in the Hot Springs at Wendo Genet  Free
Head out on a short walk to the waterfalls near Wendo Genet  ETB 100
Experience the true local culture at this fish market. If you would like to try the soup make sure you bring your own bowl!  Included in Kitty
  • Basic Camping (1 night)
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.
Today we will leave Wendo Genet and drive to the stunning Bale
Mountains National Park.
Estimated Drive Time - 4-6 hours.
We will enjoy 2 full days to explore the National Park. We will keep one
day completely free to head out for optional guided walks - there are
several possibilities for routes, including highland routes up the hills
and moorlands searching for mountain nyalas, or lowland walks
through the forest areas to look for Bale monkeys! On the other day we
will drive in the truck up to the Sanetti Plateau, all the way to the
second-highest point in Ethiopia (the 4359m summit of Tulu Dimtu) to
explore the primeval landscape and search for Ethiopian wolves.
In the Bale Mountains we will stay in dorms in a basic lodge near the
entrance to the National Park.
Activity Approximate Cost
Horse/mule treks or guided hikes through Bale Mountain National Park  Included in Kitty
Head up to the incredible Sanetti Plateau on a day trip with our overland truck, stopping to explore the area on foot and search for Ethiopian Wolves  Included in Kitty
  • Hotel (1 night)
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.
Today we will leave the Bale Mountains and head to the small town of
The following day we will take an included boat trip across Lake Ziway
to Tulu Gudo Island, where we will have a short guided tour of the
ancient monastery there and view some of the old religious
In Ziway we will stay in a small local hotel.
Estimated Drive Time - 4-5 hours.

Activity Approximate Cost
Take a boat trip across Lake Ziway to Tulu Gudo Island, and explore the old Coptic monastery on the island ETB 4000
  • Hotel (2 nights)
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.
In the morning we will leave early and head for Awash National Park.
In the afternoon we will take a park scout out with us to explore the
surrounding area and to try to find game or just to enjoy the stunning
scenery of this lovely national park. We overnight in the lovely Awash
Falls Lodge; who said Luxury was not part of overlanding! This is a
stunning place to experience this great little national park .
Estimated drive time - 7 - 8 hours

Activity Approximate Cost
Follow the scout to explore the trails of this National Park. Who knows what wildlife you will encounter?! Included in Kitty
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.
Today we will have a long drive east through the mountains to the
ancient trading city of Harar. We will stay in a charming small hotel in
the old city inself.
Estimated Drive Time - 8-10 hours
The following day we have a free day in ancient Harar and will have an
included guided city tour of the walled city of Harar (Harar Jugol). Enjoy
its colourful markets, mosques and shrines. In the evening you can visit
the Hyena Men who feed the hyenas every night just outside the walls
of the city.
Our final day in this incredible city is a free day to explore this amazing
city on your own. It is one of the most important historic sites on this
trip and one not to be missed.

Activity Approximate Cost
Take a guided tour for half of the day through the winding streets of this ancient city. Included in Kitty
Witness Harar's tradition of feeding wild Hyenas by hand each evening just outside the city walls. Free
  • Lodge (1 night)
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.
Today we will have a long drive West through the mountains to the
capital city, Addis Ababa
Estimated Drive Time - 8-10 hours.
In Addis Ababa we will stay in a comfortable hotel with good facilities.

Activity Approximate Cost
Visit "Lucy", one of the oldest complete hominid skeletons ever found, at the National Museum Included in Kitty
Stroll through the Addis Ababa Mercato, one of the largest markets in Africa Included in Kitty
Visit Africa Hall, a symbol of African independence and optimism Included in Kitty
Visit the St. George's Cathedral (Giorgis Cathedral), built to commemorate
Ethiopia's victory over the Italians in 1896 Included in Kitty
Visit the Menelik Mausoleum, built to serve as the tombs of emperors and princes Included in Kitty
Explore the fascinating Ethnological Museum, one of the best museums in Africa set in a former palace of Haile Selassie Included in Kitty
  • Hotel (1 night)
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.
Today we have a free day in Addis Ababa and will organise an included
guided tour of the city including visiting St. George's Cathrdral, The
Menelik mausoleum, The national Museum and the colourful city market.
In Addis Ababa we will stay in a comfortable hotel with good facilities.
  • Hotel (1 night)
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.
Today the trip ends and so there is no accommodation booked if you are leaving from Addis - please contact the Dragoman Sales team if you are interested in booking extra nights of accommodation in order to fully explore and take part in some of the optional activities listed below.

Border Information: if you are leaving in Addis Ababa, you will most likely exit Ethiopia from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (IATA code: ADD).
Meals Included
There are no meals included on this day.


No meals are included on this tour


Overland expedition vehicle, Boat


Camping ( 6 nights ), hotel /hostel / lodge / cabin ( 8 nights )

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