What is the weather like in Brisbane?

Brisbane has a subtropical climate, meaning the weather is warm and sunny for most of the year. Summers are hot, humid and wet with frequent thunderstorms and occasional flooding, while winters are mild and dry. Spring and autumn bring clearer skies and comfortable temperatures.

Despite some seasonal variation, average daytime temperatures linger between a pleasant 21°C and 29°C throughout the year.

It never gets super cold in Brisbane, with average lows dropping to a mild 9°C or 10°C in July, the coolest month of the year. At the height of summer in January and February, overnight temperatures only drop to 22°C.

When's the best time to visit Brisbane?

Brisbane is a year-round destination. While the peak summer season brings high temperatures, oppressive humidity and rain, there's still plenty to do in the city — like swimming in the city beach lagoon or enjoying the city's thriving food scene in air-conditioned restaurants.

Spring is a good time to travel if you want to escape the tourists and still enjoy pleasant weather — think highs of 20°C, sunny days and cool, breezy evenings. Spring is also one of the prettiest seasons in the parkland precinct with colourful, fragrant blossoms lining the walkways.

Autumn in Brisbane, and Queensland in general, isn't as pronounced as in southern Australia, but it still brings cooler temperatures and less humidity. The cooler weather is perfect for hiking and spending time outdoors.

Winter is an ideal time of year if you don't enjoy the heat — it's warm during the day, but you'll need a jacket for the evenings and early mornings. If you're travelling north from Brisbane, you may also get the chance to spot whales off the Gold Coast during their annual migration from Antarctica from June to October.

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