Do I need a visa for Nepal?

All foreign nationals (except Indian passport holders) require a visa to enter Nepal. Visas are obtainable from embassies abroad, land borders (including borders with India & Tibet) and on arrival at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan Airport.

Do I need a specific travel visa for trekking in Nepal?

No, you do not need a separate visa to join one of our trekking trips in Nepal. Obtaining a tourist visa is sufficient.

Visa eligibility and entry requirements

Tourist visas allow admission for purposes including but not limited to: sightseeing, group travel, mountaineering, trekking and visiting friends and family. Getting a visa at the airport or a land border can occasionally take time due to long queues, and there have been instances when travellers are asked to show proof of exit from the country, i.e., flight tickets. If you wish to obtain a visa before you travel to Nepal, you can apply in person at a Nepalese Diplomatic Mission, in which case you will need to enter Nepal within six months of the issue date.

Prior to your trip, you can fill out an online tourist visa form on Nepal's Department of Immigration's official visa website. Once complete, you will receive a pre-arrival submission receipt with a barcode to be printed and presented at the airport, along with payment to obtain your visa. Most applications are approved within 10 days and are valid for 15 days from the date of issue.

During the online application process, you'll need to provide your passport information and holiday details (including accommodation), so have these things handy before you start. You may also need to provide two additional passport-sized photos.

Your visa application form may require you to state the dates on which you enter and exit that country. We suggest you list your date of entry a few days before and the date of exit a few days after your intended dates in case you encounter any delays or problems en route.

Nepal visa fees

Expect to pay the fees below in US dollars (subject to change, cash only). Other currencies are also accepted, although rates may differ.

  • Multi-entry visa valid for 15 days - US$30

  • Multi-entry visa valid for 30 days - US$50

  • Multi-entry visa valid for 90 days - US$125

This page is for general information only and may be subject to change. It is your responsibility to obtain relevant visa and travel information required for entry, departure and travel to each country or region you visit on your trip. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates. 

Last updated: 7 June 2023 

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