Adelaide to Clare Valley 

Located about 140 kilometres north of Adelaide, South Australia's own wine region Clare Valley has over 30 cellar doors for you to choose from if you're after a bit of adult hydration. Due to the stunning scenery and numerous vineyards to explore, it's little wonder that many travellers to Adelaide also want to make a stop in Clare Valley, and luckily, it's quite easy to get to. 

At just over 2 hours travel time (by car), journeying from Adelaide to Clare Valley is relatively stress-free and can be done by self-driving or catching public transport in the form of bus services. 

Travelling by car from Adelaide to Clare Valley 

Self-driving from Adelaide to Clare Valley is a great option if you're interested in stopping off and exploring destinations along the way. This option is also the quickest and is the cheapest option available as the cost for fuel is under AUD$30. The distance between the two destinations is 142km, making the car journey just over 2 hours so it's perfect for a scenic drive or mini road trip.

Be mindful that this time can change depending on traffic conditions if you're travelling during peak periods, e.g/ in the morning or early evening. 

You'll be driving on highways for most of your journey and luckily for you, they're regularly maintained and have roadside signage so you can easily navigate where you're going. Be wary of animals making their way onto the roads, especially at night, and make sure to take care when driving in potentially hazardous weather conditions. 

Travelling by bus from Adelaide to Clare Valley 

If you don't have a car then travelling from Adelaide to Clare Valley by bus is your next best option. While it does take a little longer to make the journey (the total travel time is just over 3 hours), catching the bus is extremely convenient and is also one of the cheapest options if you want to travel between the two destinations. It's also the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax for the entire duration of the journey, taking in the stunning South Australian scenery. 

If you want to take advantage of this option, make sure you plan your journey properly and book your bus fares in advance as there are only two different routes that'll take you from Adelaide to Clare Valley.

The first one is from Adelaide to Burra, leaving from the centrally located Adelaide Central Bus Station and dropping you off in the town of Burra (a short 10-minute drive from Clare Valley). This ride will set you back anywhere from AUD$50 to AUD$60 as you'll have to catch a taxi for the 10-minute distance from Burra to Clare Valley but this can be easily arranged. 

The second option you have if you want to travel by bus is from Adelaide to Clare Valley with services available three times a week.  This journey takes just over 2 and a half hours but takes the stress out of navigating your way between the two destinations. 

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