Turkey and Syria earthquake

Intrepid Travel Statement on Turkey and Syria earthquake


Intrepid Travel confirms all its customers currently in Türkiye are safe and accounted for, following the devastating earthquake.  

As it is the low season in Türkiye, Intrepid Travel only had one group in Gallipoli at the time of the earthquake, on the opposite side of the country from the earthquake’s epicenter. This group will continue on their itinerary through unaffected areas of Türkiye.  

Intrepid Travel does not operate in Syria.  

A state of emergency has been declared in south east Türkiye, where the worst impacts of the earthquake have been felt. However, the country’s main tourist areas of Istanbul, Cappadocia, Gallipoli and the coastline were largely unaffected.  

Customer safety is Intrepid’s number one priority and the company is closely assessing government travel advisories, however there are no significant changes to future departures at this stage.  

This will continue to be reviewed and any changes will be communicated directly to customers and trade partners. Intrepid does not have any scheduled departures in Türkiye in February.  

Intrepid Travel operates 30 tours in Türkiye and has an office in Istanbul, with 25 local team members.  

The company is actively assessing the best ways to support the people of Türkiye and more details will be shared soon. 

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