Intrepid launches new rail range

Intrepid launches new rail travel range

June 2024

With a new range of 40 train itineraries and 3 brand-new trips, Intrepid celebrates a renaissance of rail and the rise of slow travel 

Intrepid Travel is launching a new trip range dedicated to rail travel which includes 40 trips and 3 brand new itineraries; Trans-Mongolian Railway AdventureExpress to the Orient: Paris to Istanbul, and Paris to Rome by Rail. The range will cater to the rising trend of train travel, with new data showing 75% of travellers are hoping to take a train on their next trip. The launch reflects Intrepid’s long-term product development plans, replacing internal flights with less carbon-intensive options, where viable, as part of its global decarbonization strategy. 

Intrepid’s rail journeys offer travellers an added dimension of discovery, allowing customers to travel slower, experience more of the countryside and have more opportunities for local interaction. Each rail trip will be accompanied by one of Intrepid’s local leaders, who will not only help travellers navigate complex routes and stations, but also maximize the experiences during rest stops and overnight stays. With an average group size of 10-12 travellers, Intrepid rail trips offer customers community, conversation, and a sense of connection.  

As part of this newly dedicated trip category, Intrepid will offer iconic routes like Bangkok to Southern Thailand, and lesser-known routes like Varanasi to Agra, India, as well as rail family adventures from Tokyo to Kyoto and Rome to Pompeii. The launch is also highlighted by three brand-new itineraries: 

NEW Rail Itineraries:  

  1. Trans-Mongolian Railway Adventure (11 Days from $4,595 AUD) 

  • While the popular Trans-Siberian route is currently closed to travellers, this new tour makes use of the Trans-Mongolian Railway, constructed in the late 1940s following the route of ancient tea caravans from Beijing, China through Mongolia.   

  • The trip begins in Beijing, traveling through hilly landscapes in China, exploring Inner Mongolia and visiting Khustai National Park, the dunes of the Gobi Desert and Sainshand, before disembarking in Ulaanbaatar, the capitol city of Mongolia.  

  1. Express to the Orient: Paris to Istanbul (15 Days from $5,995 AUD) 

  • This new trip travels from Paris to Budapest by train, following the same route as the historic Orient Express, a long-distance passenger train that ran between 1883 and 1977, and lent itself to many popular films and books. Travellers will stop to explore iconic spots and lesser-known sites in Strasbourg, Munich and Salzburg. 

  • Travellers will then journey on local trains along the Simplon-Orient Express route from Belgrade to Istanbul, stopping for local delicacies, like a traditional Serbian lunch in a Salaš home. 

  1. Paris to Rome by Rail (10 Days from $5,570 AUD) 

  • On Intrepid’s new Paris to Rome itinerary, travellers will hop on the Gotthard Panorama Express through Switzerland.  

  • This train takes the original historic route on the Gotthard railway, constructed in 1872. The journey spirals through the alps, with panoramic views of the countryside, and Wassen Church, as well as stops for scenic hikes, medieval castles and a fresh farm-to-table Italian cooking demonstration.  

Intrepid recently conducted external research, surveying 2,800 travellers in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. The data shows that 75% of travellers are interested in taking a train journey during their next trip, primarily motivated by scenery, relaxation, and the iconic nature of historic rail routes. In addition, more travellers are considering the environmental impact of their trips, with 87% reporting that they would consider an alternative form of transportation during their travels if it reduced their carbon footprint – 31% of which would do so even if it meant taking a longer route. (note: research summary at the end) 

The increased focus on rail is just one part of the company’s broader decarbonization efforts. While Intrepid is a fully carbon-neutral business, they recognize the need to actively decarbonize its global operations. In 2020 Intrepid became the first global tour operator with verified near-term science-based targets, committing to a 1.5-degree future. Since then, they have been actively removing flights from itineraries where a viable alternative exists, replacing them predominately with buses and trains. 

For example, on Intrepid’s 15-Day Scenic Vietnam itinerary (see below) a flight from Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City was recently replaced with an overnight train. With no change in trip length, this reduces the carbon emissions per person per day by 12 percent – which will eliminate thousands of kgs of CO2-e each year. With this change, travellers are also given two additional opportunities to experience local culture: meeting a martial art master in Quy Nhon and visiting a unique ancient citadel – both of which were only made possible by the train route. 

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