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Iran is a classic case of books and covers.

It’s hard to reconcile the country you’ve heard about on the news with a place where iPhone-toting locals carve up the Alborz piste, old women invite you in for a hot Chelow kebab and Tinder dominates the dating scene. Conservative and unconventional, deeply religious and deeply surprising, Iran tours don’t fit into any easy pigeonhole. Which is kind of why we love them. Our local guides will show you all the highlights – the Golestan Palace, the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Esfahan’s bustling bazaars – but they’ll also show you what it means to be a modern-day Iranian. And that’s one thing you won’t get from your average news bulletin.

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Iran: Women's Expedition

Manha · Traveled February 2020
Iran is absolutely safe to travel. Highly recommended. The women only expedition allowed us experiences that would not be possible with a mixed gender tour in a country with strict gender separation rules. Our tour leader Nadia, a TEDx talk speaker, was the best tour guide I have had.
Review submitted 14 Mar 2020

Iran: Women's Expedition

Grace · Traveled February 2020
Brilliant trip with a fantastic itinerary that showcases Iran. Nadia is an exceptional trip leader, with even a Lonely Planet credit time her name, whose knowledge of Iran, worldliness to understand what traveller truly want out of a trip and general good nature made the trip one of the best!
Review submitted 03 Mar 2020

Iran: Women's Expedition

Deborah · Traveled November 2019
Iran was amazing, the history and places we visited were all so interesting, but most of all the Iranian people. They were so friendly and welcoming, so happy we were visiting their beautiful country.
Review submitted 03 Dec 2019

Iran Adventure

Ryan · Traveled November 2019
I loved Iran! Our leader Reyhaneh Ghoroghchian (Reina) was amazing! she was fun, engaging, professional and knowledgeable. The people were so kind saying "welcome to my country" "where are you from?... is it true baby Kangaroos sit in the belly" very funny :-) The homestay was so much fun!, the overnight train was very comfortable! the Caravansarah was very cool! Loved the Safron Ice Cream and the food :-) I'll say it again I loved Iran!
Review submitted 21 Nov 2019

Iran: Women's Expedition

Sally · Traveled November 2019
A trip to Iran with our Intrepid tour guide Yasna will blow any negative preconceptions developed by western media and politics apart. It is a fascinating country, a sensory culture and the people are beautiful.
Review submitted 04 Dec 2019

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    Tehran (population 7.2 million)


    76.9 million






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    Type C (European 2-pin) Type F (German 2-pin, side clip earth)

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We're here to do good for people and the planet by creating positive change through the joy of travel.