How can I travel from Hobart to Cradle Mountain?

Cradle Mountain is full of spectacular landscapes just waiting to be explored so it's little wonder travellers flock from all over Tasmania to walk through its canopied rainforests and climb up its surrounding mountain ranges. If you're planning on coming from Hobart to Cradle Mountain, there are a couple of ways to do this. You can either drive between the two destinations or take public transportation via the local bus network. 

Driving from Hobart to Cradle Mountain

Driving from Hobart to Cradle Mountain is the quickest way to journey between the two locations with a total travel time of 4 and a half hours. There shouldn't be an abundance of traffic if you avoid peak times during the day (between 7-9 am and 4-6 pm) but be mindful the trip can take up to an hour longer if you get stuck in moderate to heavy traffic. Travelling via the Midland and Bass highways, the route itself is fairly easy to navigate thanks to large and bold road signage along the way but it's also quite twisty so be mindful when you're driving, especially at night. 

Driving is a great way to see as much of Tasmania's beautiful natural scenery as you can and allows you to stop at any interesting landmarks or charming towns on your travels. 

Catching public transport from Hobart to Cradle Mountain

There is one way to catch public transport from Hobart to Cradle Mountain and that is via the bus network. While there isn't a direct bus route between the two destinations, you can catch a bus from the Hobart Transit Centre that'll take you to Launceston and then catch a connecting bus from Launceston to Cradle Mountain. This journey will take you just over 7 hours in total and the distance travelled is 329km. 

You can expect to pay roughly AU$115. 

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