Why we support the First Nations Voice to Parliament in Australia

written by Brett Mitchell July 18, 2023

In 2019 we publicly supported the Uluru Statement from the Heart, committing to walk the path towards reconciliation in Australia. It was a crucial moment in our history, and four years on, we have a generational opportunity to start making it a reality.  

The introduction of a Voice to Parliament is the critical first step in meeting the call of the Statement from the Heart and today, Intrepid is proud to announce our support of the “Yes” campaign to enshrine a First Nations Voice to Parliament in the country’s constitution.    

Travel is about curiosity, new experiences, connection and learning and as an Australian company, we knew it was important to be informed about the Voice before supporting it.  

How did we go about forming our view?

During our reconciliation journey, we’ve been fortunate to have made a few First Nations friends. So, we sat down and listened. And they afforded us the generosity of time and honesty. For that, we want to thank our First Nations community.  

But it was confronting. We heard how our political system doesn’t serve First Australians. We heard anger about the gaps between First Nations people and non-Indigenous Australians in health, education and incarceration. We heard the sorrow of communities at not being listened to when the voices exist and problems persist. And perhaps the hardest to hear was the apathy – that this change won’t make a difference to people’s everyday lives because not much has.  

But we also heard hope. That this is an opportunity to change our political structure and make sure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a say in policies being made for them. That this is a chance for Australia to close the gaps for future generations that shouldn’t exist in our country today. And that this is an opportunity to join Voice with Truth-telling and Treaty to reconcile all Australians. 

Choosing hope

As a purpose-led organisation and signatory of the UN Global Compact, a movement to get businesses across the globe to adopt and report on sustainable and socially responsible policies, we believe these are important steps in the ongoing journey towards First Nations justice and self-determination.  

So today, we are choosing hope and taking up the invitation to walk together towards a better Australia.  

We acknowledge and respect that there is a diversity of perspectives around the Voice, and I encourage everyone to seek the information they need to form their own views on the referendum. Right now, our focus is on elevating First Nations voices and providing our people with the tools and resources they need to make an informed decision.  

Regardless of the outcome, this vote will mark a significant moment in Australian history. Let’s make sure we’re on the right side of it.  


Find out more about the Yes campaign at Yes23.com.au.  

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