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What if you were born somewhere else?

written by Oliver Pelling September 10, 2014

Quality of life varies widely from country to country. Some basic factors that help quantify one’s quality of life include access to shelter, one’s life expectancy, and accessibility of employment. If you had been born in another country, do you think your quality of life would be the same? Would you see a similar life expectancy, or even have access to clean water? It’s impossible to say how different your life would really but – but one travel site has helped us get one step closer to answering these questions.

MyLifeElsewhere has put built a useful tool that compares your home country to others around the world. They use a number of metrics to show you what your life would be like had you been born in another country. And as if we didn’t know it already, us lucky enough to live in the ‘Western world’ have a much better deal than many – broadly speaking at least.

For example, if you were born in Zimbabwe instead of Australia, MyLifeElsewhere shows you how different your life would have been (click any statistic to learn more about how it was calculated):

If you were born in the Mexico instead of the United Kingdom, you’d learn this:

And on a more level playing field, if you were born in the Netherlands instead of Canada, it’d look a little like this:

Check out MyLifeElsewhere’s country comparison tool here to make your own comparisons with any country in the world.

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Image courtesy of Davidlohr Bueso, Flickr


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Alissa September 11, 2014 - 8:09 am

Great post, really interesting! Makes you think!

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