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9 ways to travel with less plastic

written by Intrepid Travel July 22, 2020

It’s officially Plastic Free July!
And for us, it’s a time to reflect on how we can all work together to reduce single-use plastic waste.

And even better: how we can find great alternatives to plastic and form lifelong habits that are good for the planet.

To help, we called upon some inspiring creators, activists and travel friends in our community to share their top tips for travel with less plastic.

Their wise words should come in handy whether you’re at home or adventuring close to it, so give them a read and then give them a follow:

  • “Vote with your dollar and choose to stay at accommodations that support the plastic-free movement – ones that offer filtered water refill stations and take other measures to reduce waste and recycle.”
    Jessica, @kindtraveler
  • “Redesign your relationship with plastic and see how you can creatively reuse and refill what you already have, without feeling guilty – whether it’s kitchen utensils or shampoo bottles.”
    – Isaias, @queerbrownvegan
  • Invest in products that help you reduce waste, from B Corps that use business as a force for good.
    @keepcup, @ecobags_us, @kleankanteen, @simplystraws, @beeswrap, @bambuliving, @swellbottle, @bagito_bags, @pelacase, and @shopearthhero are all B Corps!”

    – Briana, @bcorporation
  • “Compile a reusable travel kit that requires minimal space but has a big impact. I always carry some to-go Tupperware with me, along with a bamboo cutlery set (from @chicobag) and reusable zip bags (from @thenoblenarwhal).”
    – Q, @jamesqmartin
  • “Look for plastic swaps that can enhance and improve your life. For instance, consider switching to shampoo bars because they’re way easier to pack. @zerowastestore, @hellohibar and @blkandgrn have options for most hair types.”
    Kelley, @impacttravelalliance
  • “Pack and prioritise second-hand clothes over ones with plastic-based fibres. Polyester, nylon, and acrylic are all made with plastic and take a long time to break down if sent to landfill. Linen, hemp and organic cotton are good alternatives.”
    Besma, @ethicalinfluencers
  • “Carry a stainless steel travel mug or water bottle with you at all times. @hydroflask is one of many options that’ll keep your favourite beverages their ideal temperature for hours.”
    Kevin, @oneupaction
  • “Don’t leave home – or your hotel – without a reusable straw. My favourite one is from @lacolombecoffee but whatever you go for, chuck it in your bag and use it to support small businesses on your travels.”
    Nastasia, @dametraveler
  • “Travel with a reusable cotton swab, to reduce single-use waste and take up significantly less space. I love my last swab (from @lastobject) which is stored in a seriously indestructible bio-plastic compartment!”
    Lola, @lolaannamendez

Looking to learn more this Plastic Free July? Look no further:

To learn more about Plastic Free July, visit their site.
To learn more about responsible travel with Intrepid Travel, click here.

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Marc May 3, 2021 - 4:54 am

Save on plastic use? I wash my hair with SOAP, the stuff in a bar, packaged in paper. Being a man with relatively short hair, it works fine. Has for 30 years. I don’t need DETERGENT called “shampoo” to clean my hair.


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