21 new Europe trips for 2024  

written by Chalice Faehse November 28, 2023

For an unforgettable adventure filled with cultural marvels, scenery and delectable cuisines, Europe is the place to be in 2024.  

Europe’s wealth of attractions include Renaissance art, historic architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning natural landscapes and some of the most delicious food you’ll ever put in your mouth. When it comes to holiday destinations, it’s a clear winner for travellers. This is why Intrepid has worked hard behind the scenes to bring you a new selection of awesome European trips for 2024 – get your luggage ready.

1. Hit the road less travelled in the Balkans

If you’re looking for something a little more under the radar, welcome to the Balkans. Often overlooked by tourists, this southeastern region of Europe has so many natural and historic gems waiting to be uncovered by travellers, and the perfect place to start is Intrepid’s new Albania Expedition. Think off-grid river hiking, birdwatching at breakfast, beachside hotels and sustainable farm-to-table dinners.   

2. Take the kids on an adventure in Croatia 

If your family desperately needs adventure, there’s no better place to spark everyone’s interest than Croatia. You can relax in beach coves and wander the cobbled city streets in search of sweet treats (or a much-needed crisp glass of wine for the parents). Take on the new eight-day Croatia Family Holiday and you could be teaching the kids constellations with a local astronomer, making yummy homemade pasta at sunset or biking around olive groves on scenic islands.  

3. Follow in the footsteps of artists and musicians

From Paris, the City of Light, to St Tropez, this new trip has all the best bits of France, with all the comforts of home. Splurge on Premium Best of France to stay in higher-end accommodation and take part in exclusive experiences. You’ll visit villages with local markets and private cooking classes, take a daytrip to the Burgundy wine region for a local tasting and enjoy snoozing in 16th-century Hotel la Magnaneraie.  

4. Dine on local delicacies in Slovenia and Croatia

Here’s one for the foodies who can’t get enough of Eastern Europe: Ljubljana to Split Real Food Adventure. Sample street food, bask in the beauty of Lake Bled with a kremna rezina in your hand, knock back a few glasses of local wines in the countryside and taste olive oils and dried fruits from an organic farm. Go truffle hunting, feast on homemade lunches, stroll through local markets in walled cities and cap it off in the World Heritage-listed Plitvice Lakes National Park.

5. Island hop in Greece with new friends

If you’re a young traveller daydreaming of glittering coastlines, Intrepid’s One Week in the Greek Islands is the wake-up call you need. This new adventure, designed for those aged between 18 and 35, is perfect for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts heading to Greece. Explore the ancient citadel of Athens, island-hop to find scenic swimming spots and enjoy delicious Greek faves like moussaka and dolma tucked away in an olive grove. With some nightlife and sunset views thrown in for good measure, it’s a pretty perfect introduction to Greece.

6. Deep dive into Italy’s food, wine and artistic heritage  

If you’re heading to Italy for the first time, Essential Italy was created for you. This new 10-day Italian adventure covers must-visit cities like Venice, Verona, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Florence, Rome and more. Specially designed for 18 to 35s, this trip gives you loads of free time to choose your own adventure – whether it’s cruising the canals or making pesto from the pros – coupled with leader-led walks, hikes and all the nitty gritty details taken care of for you. 

7. Indulge in Croatian pasta and world-class seafood

This year could be the tastiest one yet, especially if you head to the Dalmation – a region renowned for its culinary offerings – on Intrepid’s new Croatia Real Food Adventure. You’ll sample olive oil-infused local dishes, including cured meats, makaruni, fresh bread, local jams and marmalades, cheeses, candied oranges and ocean-fresh fish. This six-day trip takes you through Split, Dubrovnik, Brac and Korcula – from iconic cities with medieval walls and coastal views to serene islands covered in olive groves. Get hands-on with a pasta class, indulge in a sugared walnut cake and drink your fill of local wines on the peninsula. 

8. Sail secluded coastlines in the Ionian Sea

Sailing the Greek Islands has never looked so good. Intrepid’s Greece Sailing Adventure is now available in two routes: Corfu to Kefalonia or Kefalonia to Corfu. Set sail on the Ocean Star 51.2, hopping between private islands and rolling hills, watching sunsets from the boat and swimming in some of the world’s cleanest waters. Dive into seldom-visited bays, explore small towns with friendly locals and kick back on the white shores of hidden coves.

9. Go lower-carbon and travel like a local

With sustainability at the forefront of our minds, we know the future of travel lies in the little things – like zipping around Europe on public transport. See Paris to Madrid by Rail and uncover some iconic bits of France and Spain. Get artistic in Paris’ Montmartre, find local-only lookouts with your expert leader and get off the beaten track in Nimes. From swimming under the Pont du Gard on a sunny day to biting into a fresh buttery croissant, this adventure will give you a local perspective. 


10. Cruise through mighty fjords in Scandinavia 

This once-in-a-lifetime Scandinavian experience will leave you with everlasting memories –  including an exclusive daytrip to Flam, where you’ll cruise through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Western Norwegian Fjords. If cheese tastings in picturesque villages and staying in historic monasteries sound like your jam, Intrepid’s Premium Sweden and Norway trip has all of this and more. Hop on one of the world’s most spectacular train journeys, learn about Oslo’s sustainable missions and  munch on all the pastries in Stockholm’s Old Town. 

11. Uncover human history at Greek hotspots

You can’t do Europe without exploring one of the sunniest places in the world – we’re talking about Classic Greece of course. On this culture-filled trip, you’ll spend eight days ticking off landmarks like the Acropolis in Athens, hiking the Menalon Trail, standing at the foot of waterfalls and enjoying feasts in a family-owned winery. 

12. Make your way along the eastern coastline of Spain

Anywhere that lays claim to the origins of paella has got to be a great place to visit. Spain takes that crown, but it’s also home to festivals, dynamic art scenes and a coastline that sparkles like a Mediterranean jewel. The new Classic Barcelona to Madrid trip is a cava-laced trip with Roman history, artist workshops, sea views from the top of castles and all the tapas you can take. There’s a little something for everyone on this adventure. 

13. Hike, bike and kayak through Southern Greece

Head out on a week-long trip tailored to thrill-seeking nature lovers unafraid of a little sweat. On Intrepid’s Southern Greece: Hike, Bike & Kayak, you’ll pedal and paddle your way through historic Athens, venture towards monasteries carved into rockfaces, and discover Grecian island life. Whether you’re on foot, two wheels or water, this trip will awaken the adventurer in you. 

14. Bask in the Bohemian glow of central Europe

There’s a lot of cool stuff to see on the road from Berlin to Budapest. On this new eight-day trip, you can mix medieval castles with underground absinthe bars and explore central Europe with a local who knows all the best spots. Walk along the iconic murals that cover what’s left of the Berlin wall, listen to the echo of your voice from the heights of Bastei and find your rhythm to the smooth sounds of jazz in a low-lit bar in Prague. Whether you’re a bohemian at heart or just have dreams of cruising down the Danube, this classic route is a good place to start.

people looking at Berlin wall

15. Tick Central Europe’s icons off your bucket list

Discover Central Europe by spending a week in some of the hottest locations. This new trip offers you loads of free time, so you can tailor Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Bled and Venice to your tastes. Whether you’re a lover of art history or a nature enthusiast seeking mountain views, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in these iconic cities. Customise your trip by taking a row boat in Lake Bled or hitting the ruin bars of Hungary with a local leader by your side.  

16. Combine Spanish splendour with Portuguese delights  

Immerse yourself in the Iberian Peninsula’s best bits on the new Classic Barcelona to Lisbon trip. For the food lovers there’ll be stops in the birthplace of paella, a trip to a cava winery in the heart of the Catalonian wine region and free time in Coimbra – the official European Region of Gastronomy. History buffs should look out for visits to ancient oceanside amphitheatres, tours of the 12th century town of Tomar and a stay in UNESCO World Heritage-listed Douro Valley. And that’s all without mentioning the glittering coastlines both east and west.  

17. Take a snapshot of western Europe’s highlights

Gladiators, artsy architecture and the City of Lights – if you haven’t seen the best bits of western Europe, this one’s for you. On the new Barcelona to Paris trip, wander the streets of northern Spain and eastern France at your own pace. Whet your appetite with an aperitivo and wander famous Gaudi architecture on the streets of Barcelona. Make the most of your free time in Girona, Nimes and Avignon with scenic journeys past mountain hideaways, emerald vineyards, Mediterranean coastlines and fields of wildflowers. Snack at local markets, tour Burgundy’s wine region and top it all off at the Eiffel Tower!

18. Get your heart pumpin’ for love, from Paris to Berlin

Discover the novelty of modern-day disco and eavesdrop on romance under the Eifel Tower on this route from Paris to Berlin – a trip packed with iconic landmarks and cultural activities. You can visit Brussels’ breweries, do your own thing in Amsterdam, wander through Het Steen Castle in Antwerp and watch the city of Bruges come alive as the sun sets – this is the western Europe you’ve been picturing. 

19. Look for the Loch Ness monster in scenic Scotland

Scotland has captured the hearts of many, and now you can see why on this Premium Scotland adventure. Head to the Highlands and discover a hidden forest folly and a whiskey distillery. Visit a rewilding centre and national parks, then cruise along Loch Ness and travel to the tiny isles of Seil and Easdale, the home of the world stone-skimming championships. You’ll also spend two nights in an estate from the 1400s with 40 acres of gardens.  

scotland rolling hills

20. Treat yourself to a taste of Croatia and the Balkans 

If you love a dinner with a view, our new Split to Skopje Real Food Adventure might be for you. Sample a selection of Croatia’s cuisine, indulging in plates of fresh seafood – including some of the finest oysters in the world – as you island hop along the Dalmation Coast. In the Balkans, dine on homemade meals in North Macedonia and meet the makers behind famous Njegusi smoked hams in Montenegro. Along the way, enjoy it all with the backdrop of the area’s stunning, historic cities.  

21. Walk a famous pilgrimage route in Spain

The UNESCO-listed Northern Way, or the Camino del Norte Hike, is part of Spain’s centuries-old Camino de Santiago – a pilgrimage route. You can follow in the footsteps of thousands of travellers before you by taking part in this spiritual and explorative experience. Trek the 190 km to Santiago Cathedral, the ending point of the pilgrimage, stopping to discover charming monasteries, villages and towns along the way.  

Discover these trips and more in our complete collection of Europe trips. Find out what else is new for 2024 with The Goods.

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