Shackleton’s Epic: the story revealed


In 1916, Sir Ernest Shackleton prevailed in what has been called the greatest survival story of all time. His epic journey to rescue his trapped and desperate men through the wild oceans and treacherous glaciers of Antarctica has never been replicated. Until now…

Early this year, Intrepid Travel was very proud to sponsor the Shackleton Epic expedition where, using the same equipment, eating the same unpalatable food, facing the same hostile ocean and desolate conditions, Australian explorer Tim Jarvis and his crew of five set out to replicate Shackleton’s astonishing voyage.

Shackleton Epic Death or Glory Now at last the whole story of that trip has been told: its wretched lows and occasional highs, the gruelling mental and physical toughness it took as a group of men tested themselves against one of the last wildernesses on Earth. Tim Jarvis has created a marvellous book that moves between the past and the present, and combines a thrilling survival story with over 200 beautiful contemporary and historical photographs. It’s a must-read book for all Shackleton fans and lovers of epic adventure and with the festive season on the horizon, will make a delightful gift.

3-part Discovery Channel documentary Shackleton: Death or Glory, screens from October 2013 – check here for dates and regions.

Want an epic adventure yourself? Discover the Arctic accompanied by Tim Jarvis on a very special departure of Spitsbergen Explorer.

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