19 photos that prove Bali is more than just a beach vacation

written by Justin Meneguzzi February 1, 2019
Cycling in Kintamani, Bali.

Sometimes a destination becomes so popular, so big for its own boots, that it can almost become its own cliché. After decades of hosting Australian and British hordes, it’d be easy to think Bali has little more to offer beyond lazy beach days, questionable hair braids and sentimental tattoos. Easy, but wrong.

Look beyond the popular resort hubs in Seminyak and Kuta and you’ll find an island rich with adventure, with its own history, culture and food distinct from Indonesia’s other 17,000 islands. And we’ve got the photos to prove it.

Get ready to feast your eyes on these amazing snaps taken on our Bali tours.

1. Kick things off with a fiery Kecak dance performance in Ubud.

Kecak fire dance in Ubud.

A traditional kecak fire dance in Ubud. Photo by Damien Raggatt.

2. Then douse the flames with a thrilling white-water raft down the Ayung river.

White water rafting in Bali.

White water rafting down the Ayung river. Photo by Damien Raggatt.


3. Learn how to order roadside takeaway with your local leader.

Street food in Bali.

Stopping for a snack in Bali. Photo by Damien Raggatt.

4. Take a walk through lush rice paddies in Sidemen.

Ride paddie walk in Sidemen.

Ride paddie walk in Sidemen. Photo by Justin Meneguzzi.

5. And meet a few of the local artisans on the way.

Local crafts in Bali.

Meet local artisans on a rice paddie walk in Sidemen. Photo by Damien Raggatt.

6. Stop in at some of Bali’s most iconic temples, like Lempuyang.

Gates of Heaven at Lempuyang, Bali.

Visit the famous Gates of Heaven at Lempuyang temple.

7. And learn about Hinduism from local holy men.

Holy man at Lempuyang Temple, Bali.

Meet holy men at the temples. Photo by Damien Raggatt.

8. Listen to tales from Balinese folklore at incredible water temples.

Taman Ujung Water Palace in Bali.

Taman Ujung Water Palace in Bali. Photo by Justin Meneguzzi.

9. (And don’t forget to feed the fishies before you leave).

Feeding fish at Tirta Gangga water temple in Bali.

Feeding fish at Tirta Gangga water temple in Bali. Photo by Damien Raggatt.

10. Refuel with delicious local food, including mie goreng, satay and babi guling.

Group enjoying traditional Balinese food.

Eat delicious local food in northern Bali. Photo by Justin Meneguzzi.

11. With so much free time you could choose to pop on a snorkel and explore sunken ships in Amed.

USS Liberty wreck in Bali.

Snorkeling the ruins of USS Liberty in Bali.

12. Take a shower at a hidden waterfall.

Waterfalls in Bali.

Discover secret waterfalls in northern Bali. Photo by Damien Raggatt.

13. Sit down for a gamelan music lesson.

Gamelan lesson, Bali.

Learn how to play the gamelan.

14. Or unwind with an Ayurverdic yoga lesson.

Ayurverdic yoga lesson in Bali.

Ayurverdic yoga lesson in Bali. Photo by Damien Raggatt.


15. In Kintamani you can explore the otherworldly volcanic landscapes by bike.

Cycling around Mt Batur.

Cycle the volcanic landscape around Mt Batur. Photo by Damien Raggatt.

16. Climb Mt Batur for spectacular sunrise views over the island.

Traveller takes photo at Mt Batur, Bali.

Sunrise over Mt Batur in Bali. Photo by Justin Meneguzzi.

17. Then wash off the dust with a soothing soak at a hot spring.

Kintamani hot springs, Bali.

Relax at a hot spring in Kintamani.

18. The best bit is you can share it with your crew of new friends.

Sunrise at Mt Batur, Bali.

Make new friends on a small group adventure. Photo by Damien Raggatt.

19. And sip sundowners at epic stays like these.

Sunrise in Sidemen, Bali.

Our epic accommodation in Sidemen.

Ready to plan your trip? Check out our range of tours in Bali, or do some research with these articles.

Feature photo by Damien Raggatt.

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