Midnight sun, ethereal natural light shows and preening polar bears – welcome to the edge of the map.

A pristine Eden of mountain peaks, glacial structures and pretty much every shade of blue known to man, this winter wonderland sometimes seems too beautiful to be real. Polar bears, whales, reindeers and walruses dot the ice-strewn land and seascapes while wildflowers bloom on the inland plains. Come the seasonal equinoxes, Aurora Borealis throws up its dazzling display of lights. On some summer nights the sun never sets. Enchanting, stark and about as remote as you can get while crossing parts of eight countries – Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland (Denmark), Russia, Canada and the USA – the Arctic Circle really is poles apart from the typical travel experience. Set sail on a cruise to the Earth's tip top - The Arctic.

Our tours in the Arctic

14 Days From 27800

Take the ultimate expedition and voyage to the North Pole. Stand on top of the world at...

20 Days From 15300

Embark on an Arctic expedition to remote parts of Canada and Greenland – in search of...

17 Days From 14400

Take a 17-day polar expedition with Intrepid from Toronto via western Greenland through...

17 Days From 14400

The Northwest Passage, Smith Sound, the islands of the Canadian Arctic and Greenland –...

22 Days From 14100

Polar deserts, shimmering glaciers and unique wildlife – the Arctic has it all.

16 Days From 10600

Discover the exquisite wilderness of the Russian Arctic on this 16-day exploration.

14 Days From 9800

Grab your camera and capture the incredible wildlife and landscapes of Svalbard on this...

12 Days From 9800

Head north on a 12-day Arctic expedition towards Canada’s most northerly islands,...

Tailor-Made trips

Take two or more on an exclusive trip and tailor your itinerary

15 Days From 9650

See all the highlights of the east, south and west coasts on this Arctic voyage around...

14 Days From 9400

Departing from Oslo, explore incredible Spitsbergen in search of polar bears, reindeer...

15 Days From 8750

From Oslo, experience the wonders of Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland on a 15...

14 Days From 8200

An Arctic expedition through East Greenland and Iceland is the perfect opportunity to...

12 Days From 7500

Discover the Arctic wonders of Svalbard on this polar cruising adventure around...

9 Days From 7500

Discover the fjords of Southern Greenland on this nine-day expedition, flying in and...

9 Days From 7500

Embark on an expedition that seeks the essential sights and sites of the Canadian High...

32 Days From 6995

A truly original 32-day itinerary, through Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and...

14 Days From 6050

Embark on an Arctic expedition to Scotland, Denmark and Spitsbergen.

10 Days From 5900

Breathe in the crisp Arctic air and discover Spitsbergen, the largest island in Norway...

26 Days From 5390

Travel through northern Europe on a tour from Oslo to Vilnius. Visit Norway, Sweden,...

21 Days From 5185

A 21-day tour through the best of Scandinavia, including Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen,...

7 Days From 4700

Take a voyage across the Arctic Circle via the Svalbard Archipelago and north-east...

15 Days From 3775

This 15-day journey through Sweden, Denmark and Norway begins in stylish Copenhagen....

15 Days From 3695

Discover Scandinavia on a trip to Norway, Sweden and Finland. Travel to Norway and...

9 Days From 3595

Discover Iceland’s geological wonders and welcoming people on an all-encompassing...

9 Days From 2455

Explore northern Norway starting in Oslo and ending far above the Arctic Circle in...

8 Days From 2280

Explore Iceland and hunt for the northern lights on a Premium adventure from Reykjavik...

8 Days From 2140

See Iceland on this eight-day tour that travels to Reykjavik, the Golden Circle,...

5 Days From 1540

Set off on a five-day circuit from Reykjavik, stay on a sustainable working farm and...

6 Days From 1139

Discover the unique beauty of Iceland. Visit the Gullfoss waterfall, touch the...

7 Days From 1100

Check out Iceland’s chilly treasures on a trip through Reykjavik, Hvolsvollur,...

4 Days From 940

This four-day trip starts and ends in Reykjavik, includes a stay on a sustainable...

5 Days From 810

Tour green Iceland on a five-day Lonely Planet Experience, visiting Reykjavik, the...

Why choose Intrepid

Custom-built ships

Each vessel is purpose-built for polar conditions, well-equipped and fitted with modern conveniences to create a home away from home. Each ship also boasts a team of professional chefs preparing high-quality meals around the clock, a crew of experienced sailors and expedition leaders to chart a course.

Expert leaders

Travel with polar experts in a range of fields – glaciology, ornithology, marine biology and natural history – who provide invaluable context and insight to the region. Trained guides in Arctic terrain ensure you can travel with peace of mind onboard and during onshore activities.

Onboard activities

When you’re not spotting wildlife from the deck, exploring onshore or taking part in an adventure activity, all our Arctic trips include educational seminars to learn about the region’s unique flora and fauna. On top of all that, there’s a library where you can do your own polar research or have some downtime in the lounge.

Full board

All cruises provide three meals a day, 24-hour tea and coffee, and activities including Zodiac excursions, onboard seminars and shore landings. Our chefs know just how to warm you up after your Arctic outing, just be ready for a second serving!


Our polar operators are the best in the business and make your safety travelling in this potentially hazardous region their number one priority, adhering to all international maritime and SOLAS regulations.

Sustainable travel

We strive to use travel as a force for good. That’s why we choose to give back to the communities we visit, carbon offset all our trips and take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. We’ve been officially certified as the world’s largest travel B Corp, which means when you choose Intrepid Travel, you can rest assured you’re travelling to improve the planet.

Highlights of the Arctic

Group of travellers aboard zodiac get close to glacier in the arctic

Zodiac through the Ilulissat Icefjord

One of western Greenland’s highlights is the Ilulissat Icefjord, a World Heritage-listed wonder of glaciers and icebergs. It's the perfect location to navigate in a Zodiac, gaining a perspective on the ice formations that you just can't get from on shore. 

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Mother polar bear and cub jump across the ice in Franz Joseph Land

Search for polar bears in Franz Josef Land

This remote group of 191 islands, many covered in ice, forms the most northerly archipelago in Eurasia, lies entirely within the Arctic Circle and is part of the Russian Arctic National Park. Weather and ice conditions will shape your exploration, but this is one of your best chances to see polar bears.

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hot air balloon rising over ice caps

Fly over the North Pole in a hot air balloon

Imagine being one of the few people in the world to get a bird’s eye view over the northern tip of the planet! Top off your experience at the top of the world with a champagne toast and a barbecue on the ice.

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A herd of walruses huddle on the ice on Kapp Lee

Watch walruses relax on Kapp Lee

This headland is a well-known walrus hangout, and one of our possible landing spots on Svalbard. Fun fact: walrus’s hides turn pink while they lounge in the sun as blood is pumped to the surface of their skin to aid cooling, similar to what happens to hippopotamuses in Africa.

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Spanning eight countries above the Arctic Circle, and part of three continents, the Arctic is one of the most diverse regions in the world. Here’s a glance at some of the wildlife you might encounter on your northern cruise.

Find out more about animals in the Arctic here.

Your home on the sea

Travellers on board the expedition ship during an Intrepid tour in the Arctic

We know you want to be as comfortable as possible while on board, which is why we’ve chosen vessels equipped with modern conveniences along with luxurious touches that make each voyage a true pleasure. Each ship boasts onboard chefs to prepare a range of hearty, quality meals, and onboard experts to ensure you spend more time seeing the sights and less time thumbing through a guidebook.

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For more information about our tours in the Arctic, and answers to common queries, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Responsible travel

Intrepid is committed to travelling in a way that is respectful of local people, their culture, local economies and the environment. It's important to remember that what may be acceptable behaviour, dress and language in your own country may not be appropriate in another. Please keep this in mind while travelling. Our Responsible Travel Policy outlines our commitment to being the best travel company for the world.

A seal relaxes in the Arctic

How we're giving back

In Nuuk, Greenland, we stay at a local hotel that uses 100 per cent sustainable energy, because, as a travel company, we know we have a responsibility to protect the places we visit. That’s why we’ve been the world’s largest carbon neutral travel company since 2010, and we have reached our goal to become climate positive in 2020. You can learn more about our climate policy here.

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