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When it comes to the world’s chilly northern latitudes (aka the Arctic) it pays to book last minute. The only thing better than tracking polar bears through the snows of Spitsbergen, visiting Inuit villages in Greenland and spotting Beluga whales off the starboard bow is knowing you saved big bucks to get there.

On the below 5 selected departures, we will give you 40% OFF if you book before the 2nd February 2016.   Terms & conditions

*Scotland to Spitsbergen 29 May 2016   *Tromso, Bear Island and Spitsbergen 31 May 2016    *Spitsbergen in Depth 11 June 2016

*Spitsbergen Explorer 12 June 2016    *Greenland to Canada 12 September 2016

11 Days From £4,900

Discover the essence of the Arctic on a trip around Spitsbergen, where polar bears,...